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June 16, 2016

Tate Publishing & Enterprises Slapped with $1.7 Million Lawsuit, Department of Labor Investigation

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware

NEWS FLASH: on May 4, 2017, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter filed eight felony charges and one misdemeanor charge (apiece) against Ryan and Richard Tate for alleged fraudulent business practices.

For details, see my post: The Law Finally Catches Up With Tate Publishing & Enterprises.
A summary of this extremely long post: so-called Christian vanity publisher stiffs authors, staff, and creditors; gets sued for millions of dollars and fails to show up in court; goes bust with no notice; rises from the dead to seek new victims, only for the founder and CEO to get busted. The tale unfolds in my initial post and the dozens of updates that follow.

Most recent news is at the bottom.
Since putting this post online, I've received dozens of questions about whether there's a class action lawsuit against Tate. To my knowledge, the answer currently is no. I don't think that's the best option, anyway, because given all the complaints by authors and staff of non-payment, not to mention the two multi-million default judgments, I'm guessing that Tate has few resources to tap for restitution.

Instead, I am still strongly encouraging authors to file complaints with the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office--even now that Ryan and Richard Tate have been arrested and charged with crimes. The Oklahoma AG is still looking to hear from Tate victims, and it's not too late to join the over 700 complainants from whom the AG has heard since the beginning of the year. More complaints will provide more evidence the AG can use, and will also add your name to the list for restitution, if there is any.

Here's the form to fill out to file your complaint with the AG's Consumer Protection Division. You can also visit the Attorney General's website at

This is a developing situation; see the updates at the bottom of this post.

Readers of this blog may be familiar with Tate Publishing & Enterprises--an Oklahoma-based publisher that describes itself as "a Christian-based, family-owned, mainline publishing organization with a mission to discover and market unknown authors."

Tate takes pains to depict itself as a selective traditional publisher that accepts "only a single-digit percentage of authors who submitted manuscripts for publication" (a claim that's a little hard to credit from a publisher that, if Amazon is to be believed, pumped out 3,000 titles in 2015). In fact, authors must pay nearly $4,000 to publish with Tate, with even more due if they choose to buy any of Tate's array of extras, such as "personalized author websites" and video book trailers. Tate also incentivizes author book-buying, by promising to refund the original fee once 2,500 books are sold and allowing author purchases to count toward the total--though only if made in bulk quantities of 300 or more.

There is no mention of any of this on Tate's website or in its videos. Tate doesn't disclose its fees until authors either submit a manuscript or request more info. For that reason, as well as the very large volume of complaints we've received about the company (many of them from writers who approached Tate in the belief that it was a traditional publisher), Tate is included on Writer Beware's Thumbs Down Publishers List. (For this and other comments we made, Tate claimed in a 2008 blog post to be suing us, but no lawsuit was ever filed.)

You don't have to take my word about the complaints, by the way. In 2015, Tate was the second most complained-about company to the Oklahoma attorney general. Many more complaints--not just about Tate Publishing, but about its vanity recording subsidiary, Tate Music Group--can be found online, including at the Better Business Bureau--where, despite 102 complaints over the past 3 years and what the BBB acknowledges as "a significant pattern of complaints", Tate has an "A" rating. (How do you get an "A" rating from the BBB despite more than 100 customers complaining about your service? Sign up to become a BBB accredited business and make sure you respond to everything.) (UPDATE: Sometime between me putting this post online and June 24, the BBB suspended Tate's accreditation and removed its rating.)

Tate got some unflattering news coverage in 2012, when CEO Ryan Tate fired 25 production workers in retaliation for an anonymous email about rumored layoffs at the company (the rumors were sparked by Tate's decision to outsource some of its work to the Philippines). Ryan Tate's nearly 20-minute rant, recorded secretly by an employee, went viral after it was leaked online. (You can listen to it--if you dare--here. You can also marvel at Tate's Employment Agreement, here.)

Now Tate may be in bigger trouble. Xerox Corporation, which leases some of the equipment Tate uses for its 24-hour-a-day printing facility, has filed a $1.7 million lawsuit against Tate Publishing and Ryan Tate, alleging defaults on re-structured lease and service agreements and on a promissory note executed to address previous debt, and seeking re-possession of $450,000 in leased equipment as well as a money judgment of $463,786.90 against Ryan Tate personally, as Guarantor on the promissory note. The full petition can be seen here.

The suit has spurred some local media attention, and Ryan Tate isn't taking it lying down. To The Journal Record (sorry--paywall) he characterized the lawsuit as intimidation. "[Xerox is] just positioning and posturing, trying to force us to sign some different long-term contracts we’re not interested in." To he downplayed the impact of the suit, describing Xerox as "really a small part of our manufacturing process.” To the Mustang News, he claimed that "We are in the process of filing our counter suits and Xerox is trying to force us to use their equipment for our shop on a long-term basis as well as they have failed to deliver on some major contractual elements in regards to service, maintenance, and equipment purchases." (Worth noting: according to this glowing 2011 "case study" on Tate's partnership with Xerox, Tate has been working with Xerox since at least 2007, and its production facility is set up with "all Xerox digital equipment.")

That's not the only lawsuit Tate is fielding at the moment. One of its authors, Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks, has filed suit for breach of contract, deceptive trade and marketing practices, fraud, and several other causes of action, alleging that she paid over $12,000 for a book that was published full of errors (twice) and never marketed. She's asking for her money back, as well as attorneys' fees and damages. Her amended complaint, which includes pages from her book showing the mistakes, can be seen here.

Summonses in both suits were issued on the same day, May 27. Tate has 20 days to respond. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 7/1/16: More trouble for Tate. Local news station KFOR reports that staff have been laid off from Tate's printing plant, and author complaints of non-payment are surfacing (Writer Beware has received similar complaints).

UPDATE 11/15/16: Per the most recent updates to the court docket, plaintiff Xerox has successfully re-possessed its equipment, but retained a cause of action for lease amounts still due. It has also discovered additional debts that weren't included in the original complaint. Accordingly, it has filed an Amended Petition raising the total money amount it's seeking from Tate to $1.89 million.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Labor has launched an investigation into Tate--an investigation that has spurred allegations of tampering from some Tate employees, who claim that Ryan Tate "coached" them on what to say.

UPDATE 11/30/16: Nobody knows the troubles Tate's seen...oh, wait, everyone does. News Channel KFOR reports that three new lawsuits have popped up this month: one by a musician suing over copyright laws (a customer of Tate Music Group, which also runs on a vanity model); one by memorabilia manufacturer Jostens, which claims that Tate owes it more than $13,000; and one by the property company that leases Tate its print shop (vacant now that Xerox has re-possessed its equipment), which claims that Tate owes nearly $20,000 in rent.

UPDATE 12/22/16: I'm getting a flood of emails and comments not just from Tate authors, but from Tate staffers in the Philippines (you can see some of the comments below). Here's what I'm hearing.

- Apparently Tate's Philippine workforce once numbered close to 1,000, but massive dismissals have seriously reduced this. The consensus seems to be that around 80% of staff have lost their jobs since October.
- Unpaid or part-paid salaries and bonuses; apparently corporate headquarters in the USA hasn't been wiring enough money to cover payroll.
- Staff complaints filed with the local Labor Department, citing salary disputes and dismissals without the required 30-day notice.
- Production halts and slowdowns have put books in limbo, since there's no longer sufficient staff to work on them.
- Resignation of high-level corporate staff in the US.
- Silence on these issues from corporate headquarters.

The Philippine staffers I've heard from are convinced that Tate can't survive much longer. Several have told me that they suspect that the Tates are shifting assets to a new company called Lux Creative Concepts LLC, which was registered in February 2016 by Ryan Tate's wife, Christy Kelley-Tate.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1/10/17: From the comments on this post, today--I stress that this is unconfirmed. [UPDATE:: at least one Tate author has received an email from Tate's marketing department confirming the closure]

"Tate Publishing has officially shut down their business in the Philippines today. Their main office in Cebu has been locked up by the Department of Labor and the owner of the building due to non-payment of the rent."

UPDATE 1/11/17: And another:

"I'm an ex-employee of Tate, and we were just at the Cebu office yesterday. Today is the the last day that the office is open, mainly for HR to furnish ex-employees with certificates of employment and other documents. The Department of Labor has officially ceased all operations and is taking stock of the company's physical assets.

We have been informed that, as of this writing, there is no official directive or announcement from the Tates that the company is closing or declaring bankruptcy."

UPDATE 1/12/17: More on the Philippines debacle from an Oklahoma-based blog that has published a lot of articles about Tate's shenanigans. A former Tate staffer in Tate's now-closed Cebu offices describes partial payment of salaries, non-payment of government-mandated bonuses, and other problems dating back months.

I've received many similar emails from Cebu staffers, one of whom shared with me the Department of Labor notice resulting from a compliance visit to Tate's Cebu offices on January 9. Findings:

UPDATE 1/14/17: Some Tate authors report receiving an email signed by Tate's Director of Production, Tim Kelley, claiming that Ryan Tate hasn't paid employees and "your book will never be finished." This email was reportedly followed, within a couple of days, by another email claiming that the first email was the result of "identity theft" and its allegations aren't true.


Meanwhile, Tate authors are receiving this, also--apparently--from Tim Kelley:

Things are fine, folks, just fine. Never mind the mass layoffs of employees. Never mind the lack of payment and non-communication. It's all just a transition.

I'd love to hear from Tate authors who sign up for the portal. Have you received any results from your "new support ticket"?

UPDATE 1/16/17: There's now a forum for Tate authors to share experiences and support: Tate Publishing Help.

UPDATE 1/18/17: The Xerox lawsuit goes to court on Friday.

"Meanwhile, it was unclear Tuesday who is representing Tate Publishing in the case. The firm's attorney when the lawsuit initially was filed was Richard L. Hasley, of Oklahoma City. But in September, an order was granted allowing Hasley to withdraw from the case, as he was retiring.

Hasley was replaced by George H. Ramey and William D. Tharp, of Ramey & Tharp in Yukon.

On Dec. 1, Ramey & Tharp submitted an application to withdraw from the case as Tate Publishing's representatives, as well, saying the Mustang publisher had failed to meet its financial obligations with the law firm."

And...uh oh. This is what you get at 12:53pm on January 18 when you click on Tate's website URL:

YET ANOTHER UPDATE, 1/18/17: I've now heard from several Tate authors and former US staffers that Tate closed down today. Two people have told me that it is considering a bankruptcy filing.


Remember how I mentioned suspicions that Tate was shifting assets to a new company called Lux Creative Concepts, LLC, registered last February in Oklahoma by Ryan Tate's wife, Christy Kelley-Tate? Well, get a load of this.

As many Tate authors know, Tate's Marketing Director is Terry Cordingley. Here's a screenshot, taken today, of the Mr. Cordingley's Blogger profile; it identifies him as Tate's Associate Director of Marketing, a position he says he's held since 2006:

And here's a cut-and-paste, also taken today, of Mr. Cordingley's LinkedIn profile, which identifies him as the Director of Marketing for Lux Creative, a position he also says he's held since 2006:

Draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE 1/19/17: This was just posted to the Facebook page of The Lost Ogle, a blog that covers Oklahoma matters and has devoted a good number of posts to Tate:
Tate Publishing Closes
By Traci Chapman

What looked like a fork in the road turned out to be the end of it for Mustang’s Tate Publishing this week, as it closed its doors for the last time.

The news came Wednesday, just days after Tate co-founders Dr. Richard Tate and Rita Tate announced a consolidation of the company’s operations – the shutdown of its Philippines office and layoff of 50 employees there and a new focus on the company’s home base in Oklahoma.

Tate’s Mustang office employed about 30 people as of Monday, Rita Tate said then....

One of Tate family members’ primary concerns during the planned restructuring, and then as they faced the closure of their company, remained the company’s approximately 35,000 authors, they said. Work to help those authors make other arrangements was already underway and would continue as Tate worked with its attorneys to complete the closure process.
I suspect most Tate authors will find that last paragraph bitterly ironic.

ANOTHER UPDATE, 1/19/17: Tate's website now claims that it's "experiencing a transition period." There are links to click; if you do, you're taken to a release form requiring you to release Tate from legal liability and from providing "any refund or monetary compensation whatever." For authors whose books have already been published, there's the option of paying (!!!) a $50 "processing fee" to get final book-ready files.

UPDATES 1/21/17: Terry Cordingley has deleted his Blogger profile and changed his LinkedIn profile. "I previously worked for Lux Creative Concepts as the Director of Marketing, assisting authors with marketing, promotion and publicity for their books. Prior to joining Lux, previously operating as Tate Publishing LLC..." (my bolding)

The bolded wording is interesting, because I've learned, via a former Tate employee, that Tate was issuing Lux Creative Concepts contracts simultaneously with Tate contracts during the final year of its existence. According to the employee, the Lux contracts cost a few hundred dollars more than the standard Tate contracts, and were for authors who wanted more media "extras".

I've also learned, via an article published yesterday in Oklahoma paper The Journal Record, that yet another lawsuit has been filed against Tate: this one by Lightning Source, to which Tate routed its printing business in June of last year (the complaint can be seen here).

Lightning Source, which alleges that Tate failed to pay for services rendered, is seeking $1.8 million: $722,000 (which it paid to Tate "for the exclusive rights to print and distribute at least five million, five hundred thousand (5,500,000) non-returned units of titles") plus an equal amount in damages, plus late charges. The lawsuit also names Ryan Tate, who signed a Personal Guaranty agreement by which he "absolutely and unconditionally guaranteed the full payment of all amounts due from Tate Publishing to Lightning Source".

The timeline here is...interesting. Tate signed the agreement with Lightning Source on June 28 of last year--after Xerox, from which it had been leasing printing equipment, filed suit against it for non-payment and threatened to re-possess its printing equipment. Tate was probably desperate for a cash infusion at that point; it's hard not to suspect that it knew, when it signed the Lightning Source agreement, that it wouldn't be able to pay. Also... $722,000 is a sizeable chunk of change. What happened to it?

As with the Xerox lawsuit (which is in court today), it's not clear who will be representing Tate, since both its previous lawyers resigned due to lack of payment.

UPDATE 1/22/17: Quoth Richard Tate, according to this report from News Channel KFOR, "We love our authors. We are not going to abandon them." He also claims that "while [Tate] represent around 39,000 authors, this closing mainly affects the few hundred that have books not yet published" (forgetting, apparently, about the many who do have books published and haven't received royalties and/or book orders), and, in an apparent trip back in time to 2008, attributes the company's closing to "the downturn in the economy".

Here's a glimpse of how much Tate loves its authors (one of a number of screenshots shared with me by a former Tate employee):

UPDATE 1/23/17: Those of you who are considering giving Tate the $50 for your digital files should read this comment I just received:

My book was ready to be printed so I made some serious attempts to convert the PDF to Word. Impossible. Tate uses a type of PDF called Acrobat reader DC and is proprietary to Tate. I have been doing a very slow page by page copy and paste finding out they have hidden tabs, margins, font and spacing. It takes about an hour to do one chapter that is presentable to my new publisher in Word 2010. Going through the copy and paste I find out I have 2 Chapter One's and several with no chapter numbers. After doing 5 chapters I found over 300 errors so the book wasn't worth printing any way. They use a Philippine font that is hard to change when you do a copy and paste.

UPDATE 1/24/17: Here's the latest iteration of Tate's website, which is now calling itself the Tate Publishing Transition Information Center:

The Current Clients page still offers the release forms, and notes,

We are currently in negotiations with a number of publishing houses to find the best possible new home for all clients and titles we represent. Our primary objective is to find an appropriate home for our authors to ensure their success. In order to ensure successful negotiations, we are unable to comment further at this time.

What does this mean? Is Tate seeking to sell its contracts? Will the new publisher or publishers honor existing contract terms? Will more money be due? Will authors (and musicians, since this affects Tate Music Group as well) have the opportunity to refuse? These are important questions with big implications.

Please, everyone, keep the emails and comments coming, so I can continue to post updates.

UPDATE, 2/2/17: Beware sharks in publishers' clothing.

There are plenty of pay-to-play publishing services that are angling for Tate authors' business, not all of them very reputable. I've heard from authors who've been solicited by Nydus Publishing Consultants, which sells hugely overpriced publishing packages, and by LitFire Publishing, which was set up by ex-Author Solutions employees in the Philippines and is also seriously overpriced (see my blog post). And that's not all. This is a screen grab from today: is okay, but Dog Ear Publishing is expensive and I've gotten a number of complaints about Outskirts Press's quality and service.

If you're solicited by a publisher or publishing service, could you please let me know? I'd like to keep track. I'll also be glad to check my files to find out if I've gotten complaints about any publisher or service you're considering using.

UPDATE 2/6/17: Worth repeating: this comment from today. If you've paid anything to Tate via credit card, dispute the charges (this goes for PayPal, too):

I'm not sure if you have covered this already, and I apologize if you have, though it may be worth mentioning again - If you are a former recent Tate Authors who paid fees upfront with a credit card, DISPUTE THE CHARGES. I just got off the phone with Discover, who I paid all of my payments adding up to $900 with, and we are disputing all charges from July through November of last year. They investigate, and if they can't get contact with Tate (Lord knows they won't since no one can), then I win. The money will be returned to me. I don't know how other credit card companies handle disputes, but I will always use Discover if they get my money back...

UPDATE 2/11/17: To no one's surprise (well, my surprise, anyway), Tate has failed to respond to the summons in the Lightning Source suit. From an article at NewsOK:

An attorney who represents a Tennessee-based printing services firm suing Tate Publishing in federal court for nonpayment filed an entry of default in the case on Friday.

Attorney Evan Vincent, of Crowe & Dunlevy, said the entry of default was filed after the Mustang publisher and its president and CEO never responded to a summons they were served on the case in January.

The entry of default clears the way for Vincent and his firm's client, Lightning Source LLC, to ask a federal judge to grant a motion of default in the case and to award Lightning Source the $1.845 million, plus interest, it seeks from Ryan Tate and his firm.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. It's not looking good, especially since you signed a personal guarantee as part of your deal with Lightning Source.

UPDATE 2/14/17: There's a Facebook group for ex-Tate authors and musicians where people are sharing experiences.

If you're thinking of paying the $50 Tate is demanding in order to get your files, this may change your mind. One author who sent the money reports that Tate sent her back an empty envelope.

Maybe this wasn't intentional to rip the author off (in that case, why send anything?). But even if it's just the result of incompetence or chaos, it reinforces the un-wisdom of giving Tate any more of your hard-earned money.

UPDATE 2/16/17: Angela Hoy at Booklocker, which has taken on some Tate authors, reports on problems with files received from Tate:

1. One of the interior pages had two headers, one appearing on top of the other (the actual title of the book appeared to be superimposed over the word “title”)...We were able to use some creative Photoshopping to fix that problem.

2. The second (and most disturbing) problem was that the Tate cover had no bleed on it. Without bleed, there is no wriggle room whatsoever for a printer during the cutting/binding process...Authors whose books don’t have a solid background would have challenges overcoming this problem using a flat pdf file (which is what Tate provides).

3. The text at the bottom of the barcode on the back cover was very pixelated and so was text at the top of the back cover....We were able to fix these errors in Photoshop as well but the quality of that text on the Tate version of the cover was truly awful.

UPDATE 2/17/17: Remember when there was speculation that Tate might be planning to shift resources to a new company, Lux Creative Concepts? Turns out that probably isn't happening.

I've discovered that Lux Creative (a registered business entity whose agent is Ryan Tate's wife, Christy Kelley-Tate) co-existed with Tate for maybe the last year of Tate's existence, with some Tate authors being offered contracts under the Lux Creative name. These contracts, apparently, involved more media "extras," and not surprisingly, were more expensive. However, I've been watching, and right now, other than its business registration, Lux Creative seems to be as dead as Tate.

The Tates were serious enough about it at one point to want to give it a logo, though. Ever the big spenders, they hosted a design contest at 99Designs (a "graphic design marketplace" where companies pay as little as possible to desperate designers who bid on job postings). Here are the results. Am I alone in finding it funny that the winning entry got Lux Creative's name wrong?

Another great business decision, brought to you by Tate.

UPDATE 2/25/27: A federal judge just handed Lightning Source a default judgment in its lawsuit against Tate.

As for what happens next in Lightning Source's case against Tate, the plaintiff will have to return to court to keep Judge Russell apprised on its efforts to collect what it's owed.

Actions Tate Publishing and Ryan Tate could face might include liens against properties they own, garnishments of funds they have in banks, or other actions Lightning Source might take that the judge deems necessary and appropriate.

Ryan Tate could be summoned to appear before the judge, and any failure to do so could prompt the issuance of a contempt citation.

UPDATE 2/26/27: Well, we were all wondering when/if this would happen. And here it is: Lux Creative Publishing.

The name's a little different--Lux Creative Publishing, rather than Lux Creative Concepts; and the domain name registration info has been anonymized to conceal the registrant. But the logo--the little torch rising from the book--is the same one commissioned by someone with the username "outate" from 99Designs (see my previous update). So I think it's safe to conclude that this is Tate, re-booting under a new name.

UPDATE 2/27/17: Shortly after I posted the above update, the Lux Creative Publishing website ceased to be accessible. If you click the link now, you get a "This site has been suspended" notice. I don't know what it means, but I'm keeping an eye on it.

UPDATE 3/31/17: A roundup of the latest Tate news:

Xerox has been granted summary judgment in its lawsuit against Tate, due in part to the fact that no one from Tate showed up to respond to the motion. Xerox can now proceed to collect nearly $1.5 million from Tate Publishing (good luck), over $450,000 from Ryan Tate (who provided a personal guarantee as part of Tate's arrangement with Xerox), and costs and attorneys' fees totaling more than $15,000. All with interest.

Tate also owes a buttload of money to employees in the Philippines (no surprise there): $4,841,567 Philippine pesos, or nearly $100,000.

The reported number of complaints received by the Oklahoma Attorney General currently stands at 621. That's a lot. Will the AG take action? No word on that as of now.

On her blog, former Tate author Heather D. Nelson is featuring interviews with Tate authors.

UPDATE 4/4/17: As if it weren't enough that pay-to-play publishing services are stalking Tate authors, it appears that some Tate staffers are as well. I've heard from authors who've been solicited by former Tate editor Liz Cormeros, who is offering "freelance project management", and also by former Tate Marketing Manager Terry Cordingley, who is plugging his blog and his "freelance publicity service."

Some nerve.

UPDATE 5/2/17: Incredibly, despite two seven-figure default judgments against it, nearly $100,000 owed to staff of its defunct Philippine operation, and who knows how many tens of thousands owed to authors in unpaid royalties and unfulfilled contractual obligations, Tate Publishing is back in business.

Rumors of its resurrection have been circulating since late April, when some authors received an email from Ryan Tate (who, by the way, provided personal guarantees to both of the companies involved in those seven-figure judgments, and is personally on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars) announcing that Tate, like Jesus, was rising from the dead. Many authors suspected a trick or a scam--but as of today, Tate's website is live again (with no mention of its recent troubles) and soliciting submissions.

Throughout this mess, I've said that I'd be astonished if Tate declared bankruptcy, because bankruptcy costs money and makes you accountable to your creditors. I expected Tate to simply disappear, or possibly start up again under a new name. So color me surprised to see this current zombie act.

Where Tate will be able to find a new printer--having very publicly defaulted on its debt to Ingram, the biggest in the business--is an open question, as is how it will manage to stay atop its tide of debt with only the cash provided by new author victims.

Stay tuned. Writer Beware will be watching.

I've reproduced Ryan Tate's headshaker of an email in full below, replete with bogus excuses ("the economy hit us hard"), smarmy expressions of contrition ("I ask each of you to prayerfully consider finding it in your heart to forgive us"), ridiculous levels of understatement ("We...understand that the issues mentioned have caused some of you anger, frustration and confusion"), and multiple invocations of God ("These heartbreaking months have given us an opportunity to see God work in amazing ways and demonstrate His eternal love." Cue lightning bolt). How does he sleep at night?
April 25, 2017

To our Tate Publishing family,

Thank you for your emails, calls and prayers during the recent months. I am sure you are aware we were forced to temporarily cease publishing operations in what was the hardest and most painful decision we have ever had to make as a family. Our number one priority has been to make sure each author is taken care of. Many publishers wanted to “take over” your books; however, in every case they wanted to charge you additional fees, didn’t offer the level of service or promotion necessary to succeed, and most importantly, didn’t line up with the philosophy of our publishing family.

We spent countless hours researching the events which created our problems and issues related to marketing, distribution, and production. Securing the finest legal counsel made it possible for us to put a plan in place to resolve all the issues we were facing at that time in a proper and ethical manner. Finally, we established a plan for reorganization in order to reinstate full publishing, distribution, and marketing operations immediately. We are pleased to inform you we will be able to continue to take care of each of you and meet your expectations and needs as well as support you with your book project(s) – your life’s work.

Another priority became very clear; that we establish a plan to assure this would not happen again. It was even clearer other publishers were out to take advantage of our situation. As we mentioned, they wanted to charge fees for work we had already completed for you. In our opinion, they fail to provide you with the partnership services it takes to have any chance at success in this industry.

These heartbreaking months have given us an opportunity to see God work in amazing ways and demonstrate His eternal love. He has given us a renewed passion and desire to fight for each of you in humble dependence on Him. This experience and battle has given us the opportunity to evaluate what we must and will do differently to more effectively serve each of you as we go forward and make a grand comeback.

We want to take this opportunity to make you aware of some changes as well as ask for your assistance. We are thankful for those who have reached out and asked us to reorganize and continue operations. We agree that the best home for you is where we all started this journey together. We sincerely want to remain your publishing home and family; to make you proud of our efforts; and proud that we are not going to quit. It is our desire to continue this journey together. With God’s help we will serve you better than ever before.

Before discussing the changes we will make moving forward, I want to apologize. Hindsight is 20/20 and can often be a painful reality. As we look back on the last three years the economy hit us hard as it did everyone in America. None of us had the resources we had in the past and it forced us into what economists refer to as a “race to the bottom.” In an effort to keep volumes high and compete against other large publicly traded publishers we decided to set up overseas operations, and reduce pricing on all services. We now see that these decisions caused us to stray from the philosophies we established nearly 20 years ago when we first launched the company. Loss of control of our services, time frame delays in production and manufacturing, as well as our overall customer service experience was negatively impacted by these changes. I ask for your forgiveness. At that time we believed we were making decisions which would serve you best.

We love you and understand that the issues mentioned have caused some of you anger, frustration and confusion. In many ways we have hurt you and let you down. It is difficult to admit these things, primarily because we desired to do and be the best for each of you. To have failed in these respects is painful for us and difficult to accept. I ask each of you to prayerfully consider finding it in your heart to forgive us and continue to work with us. We believe we can once again lead the publishing industry with publishing options authors need. For almost 20 years we led the publishing industry in innovation and creative services no one else dared offer. That made the entire industry better and we need your help to continue that path of innovation and discovery. If Tate Publishing ceased to exist we believe it would create a significant vacuum in the publishing industry. Once again, please accept our apology. We pray you will forgive us and give us a renewed opportunity to move forward as we strive to be stronger than ever before for your benefit and success.

We want to continue this partnership journey and ask you to allow us to prove ourselves to you. We not only ask your forgiveness for any and all issues, but ask that you see this letter as our unwavering desire to fight for your success no matter what the obstacle. Our greatest desire is to see each of you succeed - the most important part of our comeback.

The following are the changes you can expect from us as we move forward.

Improved communication and fast response to your phone calls and emails.
No production, marketing, distribution, or other work will be done outside of the United States of America.
New national book manufacturing partners ensuring highest quality, additional manufacturing options, and timely order fulfillment.
New marketing representatives for each author who will be expected to assist each author with events and methods to sell the author’s book(s).

We will not be accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Our primary focus right now will just be YOU. We want to ensure that current Tate authors are receiving the care and assistance they need and we have one of the best and most dynamic family of authors in the industry. We want to serve you first and build everything around helping you find success.

As we have been praying about how to best serve each of you and reorganize our publishing operations I have been amazed at how much we not only want to improve on our services, marketing and distribution options for each of your titles, but I have been primarily overwhelmed with how much we love being your publisher. We feel called to do this and our focus, motivation and desire to serve you has never been higher. My father came in my office a couple weeks ago as we were working on the plans and process for everything and he handed me a quote he often recites.

“Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback. God wants to bring you out better than you were before with what you have learned. Hindsight leads to insight that produces foresight for a comeback.” – Richard Tate

Quitting just isn’t an option, we have faced many trials and difficulties together, but we simply can’t end or allow what was started nearly 20 years ago to cease. While many would quit – that isn’t who we are and we need your support more than ever. We have much that needs to be done, settled and accomplished. I pray that you will each join us as we begin a new journey together; the foundation is all in place and the table is set for great victory and to see the success we all desire for each of you. Please reply to this email or call our office at (405) 438-3300 so we can reconnect and begin. There is no transition time as we are able to pick up immediately and we are ready for normal publishing operations. We are here to assist you with your questions and excited to get the marketing process reengaged as well. Thank you for your love, support and prayerfully considering the future with us! We are eternally grateful, humbled and excited for the next great chapter…

In Him,

Ryan Tate
President & CEO
Tate Publishing
UPDATE 5/4/17: Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter filed eight felony charges and one misdemeanor charge against Ryan and Richard Tate for alleged fraudulent business practices. Charges include four felony counts of embezzlement, one felony count of attempted extortion by threat, two felony counts of extortion by threat, one felony count of racketeering and one misdemeanor count of embezzlement.



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Britton Swingler said...

I can't quite get a comment out of my head and onto the page; I just keep reading the attachments and "flipping" through the uncorrected manuscript shaking my head...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it looks like the BBB is reviewing Tate Publishing's rating, but that also means all of the complaints are hidden. I see Tate Music still has an A- rating though.

Anonymous said...

Dr Richard Tate is apparently still a member of the BBB Board. Isn't that a conflict of interest? It promises to be a fascinating meeting.

And Christy Kelley-Tate (aka Mrs Ryan Tate) has recently registered a business, Lux Creative Concepts:

I'm sure Lux Creative (who look to be a reputable advertising agency working with many top Christian publishers) will be less than thrilled when they find out.

Anonymous said...

It's about time.

Michael LaRocca said...

I'm sorry to hear that these scams still work. If they're getting money from authors, they don't need to get money from readers. I've never gone to a bookstore or a library seeking a title by Tate Publishing, but I'm confident I won't find any.

Graham said...

Re the threatened lawsuit - Ken White at Popehat has a saying that goes something like "vagueness in legal threats is the hallmark of thuggery". Mr Tate seems like a bit of a blusterer to me.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Britton S.

It was the most frustrating experience, and then you are left hanging to fend for your self, as a result much of my manuscript was discombobulated and lost. There was no technical assistance.

leon said...

BBB is certainly reviewing the Tate Publishing I think.

Unknown said...

I have the most terrible experience with Tate publishing. I asked them to publish my book "Understanding Prayer, Faith and God's Will" in 2013 and paid a US4000 downpayment. The published book (in 2012) contains punctuation erros in a few places! Without raising a fuss, I cancelled the contract very soon which they agreed. However, they did not remove all advertisement on the book, and after a couple of months I wrote to tell them. Although they said they would remove but it continued to remain there for another 1 year. I wrote to them again and they ignored , without replying at all. This went on for another year until 2016 when I threatened to sue them. Only then they started to do something about it but the advertisement is still there. I am going to take legal action against them. In their contract with authors, Tate said they will check for all punctuation and grammar errors but they failed to do so. And not only that, they continued to be unprofessional and irresponsible but not removng the advertisement.

Anonymous said...

Former employee here, this place is a joke. Do not publish with them.

Aileen Stewart said...

There are always two sides to every story and yet people often judge on one sided hearsay, and the comments of disgruntled people who may or may not have a right to be disgruntled. I have been a Tate children's author for six years. I have a traditional contract and pay nothing. I have had great editors for all five of my books; although both my editor and I missed a mistake in one of my books. One or two mistakes getting by an editor is pretty normal for all companies. I read a picture book once that only had one sentence per page, published by a large traditional, that had a mistake. While I'm not saying Tate is a perfect publisher (who is?), I am saying that they have always honored my contracts, have given me beautiful covers, have edited my work, have given me adorable illustrations, have priced my books fairly, have lowered the price of my books when asked, and have resolved the few issues I have had throughout the years.

Unknown said...

To Whom It May Concern:
I have a Children's Publishing & Distribution contract
with Tate Publishing and Enterprises on 10/14/2015.
these are some words in it as follows :

Tate Publishing offers priority publishing for a $1,000 non-refundable fee. If you wish to take advantage
of this rush package, there will be an additional $1,000 rush fee required with your signed contract in
order to take our normal 6 month production length down to just weeks. Your book will begin the
marketing phase 90 days from the day you submit your book to production.

But until today, I haven't got a layout I agree from Tate.
I have been waiting near a year.
I think their graphic teams and project manager haven't ability to design a children's picture book.

Anonymous said...

Every bad experience people share about Tate, I went through. However, I fault myself because I read hundreds of reviews before signing a contract with them. Shame on me, not them. I removed the two books I published with them within a year and lost 3500. It was good training. God uses all things for the good. It's been 2 years and my books still show up in certain places under Tate even though I've asked for there removal. Yep, I read about that too before I published with them.

Victoria Strauss said...

Aileen Stewart,

I'm very glad to hear you've had a satisfactory experience with Tate. I'm always happy when a writer feels he or she is doing well. But in light of the large number of alerts and complaints Writer Beware has received, as well as the extraordinary number of complaints about Tate that can be found online, your experience seems to be very much the exception.

Victoria Strauss said...

Anonymous 10/01,

It is NOT "shame on you." It IS "shame on them." You might have avoided Tate if you'd seen the complaints online, but you wouldn't have submitted your books if you hadn't been persuaded by the claims and presentations on their website, which are designed to obscure the fact that Tate is a vanity publisher. That's pretty unChristian, in my opinion. Don't beat yourself up too much.

Anonymous said...

If you decided to publish with Tate you have to push hard for what you want. Don't expect Tate to find errors in your book and don't expect them to correct them correctly. Hire a proof reader and hire them again after the corrections are made. I had over 200 corrections made after Tate had supposedly reviewed my book and then it went down to 50 and then down to 5 and then hundreds of dollars later my proof reader finally got them all, at least I hope so. I liked this company when I first published with them, but would not go with them again. It's been mistake after mistake and then when I try to contact people at Tate, they hardly ever return my calls or emails. If I want my contract filled, I have to push and push again for the quality that I'm looking for. Honestly, who's working for Tate? The quality is just so poor and absolutely embarrassing. So, while it's great to have a book published, just be ready to push hard and pay for the quality that you're looking for. I find it exhausting.

Anonymous said...

Victoria, Tate was sued in Canada--and didn't even show up--when they published a book that contained plagiarism and copyright infringement--and continued to do so after being notified of the plagiarism and infringement. They didn't even respond to the lawsuit which seems to be Tate's mode of action. Good luck Xerox. Perhaps if Xerox prevails Tate can no longer fleece writers. Keep up your holding them to account, Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had any experience terminating a contract with Tate publishing before their book has been published. I have had issues as of late with no return phone calls or emails. Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

Richard Tate, PhD
Founder & Chairman of the Board said to me :

Our teams are award winning professionals and I stand behind them 1,000%.
If you have specifics I will be happy to speak with the VP in that division
and see if there is a glitch. If there is, I thank you for bringing it to
our attention. My only desire to your benefit and success. Thanks for the
reply and contact me if you need at any time.

But I said to him:
Hello Richard,
It is mess that layout of your team give me several months ago.
There are many mistake ,error ,not glitch.
I haven't seen the ability of your winning professionals team.
I can finish layouting my picture- book in two weeks, but your teams needs a year at least.
If you want a new graphic designer, I will apply.
Le Shi

Anonymous said...

Tate Publishing is a joke and Richard Tate is one of the biggest liars I have ever met. Pretty much their entire staff lies on a daily basis. As of July, they have not had any machines at their printing location in Oklahoma. They were seized by Xerox, however, they continued to take orders from musicians and authors. They outsourced some of the work to a printing company called LSI but orders were quickly put on "HOLD" when Tate didn't pay the bill.
Tate Publishing owes so many creditors, thousands of dollars, and is gradually moving assets to another company called "Lux Creative Concepts." Staff located in the States are instructed to not answer the phone, let VM pick it up and then refer all messages to their "Customer Service Rep" who is located in the Phillipeans. The Customer Service Reps are so over worked, they don't have the time or knowledge to address all the concerns from authors, not to mention, they don't know the truth about the "equipment issues" and are instructed to give a general response that "Machines have broken down."
There is a current open case with the Labor Board in Oklahoma and a Tax Warrant that is being ignored by Ryan Tate. I do not believe that the Tates or any of their Executive Staff genuinely cares about these problems. I often sat in meetings where Richard Tate referred to Authors as "idiots' or "liars."
If you want to get any results from Tate Publishing, you have to stay on them. Don't just call your CSR or Marketing Consultant. Email the big dogs and mention "lawsuit, cancel or Attorney General." I guarantee you will get their attention.

Several websites you can get other info from is:

Cathy Thompson Langella said...

Tate published my book in Jan of this year. I spent 4 yrs of my life writing an expose of corruption in the judiciary and legal community of my hometown in PA and risked my life both writing and releasing it. I was married to one of them (a lawyer) and was one of their victims. I was beyond ecstatic when they promised me so much, esp since they put themselves out to be a Christian-family business. I was more and more concerned as the weeks and months went on this year with what developed into a pattern of more and more lies, empty promises and worse. When it was time for a royalty payment EVERY QUARTER there were lies about the checks "being lost" and "having to be reissued". When I demanded an accounting of the # of my books sold, I asked to see a computer printout of orders taken, orders paid, orders shipped. I was told they had NO software to do any accounting at all. When I would question their #s they would say "we'll call you back in a few days" and a week later someone would call me to say "yep, we were right, there was no mistake" When I challenged them Trinity Tate demanded I stop calling their employees because I was "being abusive". My husband was an attorney for 35+ yrs and I was a paralegal for nearly 30. We both believe they have been KITING funds. (please look it up if you don't know what it is) I have filed an initial complaint with the OK Atty Gen this past week. I am demanding that they open their books. I believe it's not just "Dr" Tate (what kind of "Dr" is he anyways???), but also Ryan and Trinity that are in the midst of this. The whole thing STINKS and they may have single-handedly destroyed my hopes and dreams of seeing my book expose horrible corruption. They have never spent ONE DAY "marketing" or "publicizing" my book. Not one! I am hopeful that eventually there will be a class-action suit. I would gladly be lead plaintiff. If they are transferring assets, they can be taken no matter what if they've done it to elude collection. These people are NOT as smart as they think they are! You can contact me at if you'd like to share. My book "Judicial Terrorism".

Unknown said...

I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

I've been with Tate over 10 years. PLEASE do not trust them. THEY are a huge scam. Mat God have mercy on them and save them so they can repent before the day of judgement!

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to post anonymously but I, too, am planning a law suit and I do not wish to have this company aware to my plan of attack.
What Divine Intervention to have found this blog site!!!I have just posted another email to the Tates regarding the denial of my marketing amenities, FACEBOOK PAGE, WEBSITE, TRAILER that are part of my Author Contract. My book release date is in two weeks and because of so many incompetent Tate employees, these marketing products will not be available to me.

As noted by so many posters, in general, Tate employees do not answer phone calls and when you challenge them or the Tates, you are a pariah and are ignored. I do regret the day that I signed on with this vanity press company over four years ago.

Anonymous said...

My experience with them has been bittersweet. While I haven't paid the mass amounts of dollars and have had good editing and some decent follow through, I can understand the frustration since they don't deliver all they say they will. For one, I don't think I should have to buy my own books in mass quantities. That to me is a rip off. The option of buying 10 or 20 never seems to be available, but instead, it's buy 100, get 100 of something else free. Secondly, there is definitely something up with staff, as the turnover rate is ridiculous. I noticed getting sent to a new project manager fairly regularly. Initially, I was young and naive when I signed my contract but from here on out I plan on doing indie work and I just hope my last project with them comes out as planned. I think the most frustrating part is that as one of their authors you get the biggest royalty percentage when the books come from their site, but it takes forever for people to get their books from the site, but takes no time from Amazon. That definitely makes me feel like it's done intentionally so the author doesn't have to get paid as much. And yeah, all the extras are nonsense. I can build my own website and have done a better job at my social media promotions than they have. Very bittersweet experience.

Monica said...

I'm happy you are having such a great experience but I am not. I published my first book with them in 2014. That was great. I was new to the process and everything thing went as planned. This time around has been a total nightmare. From start to... well I'm caught in the middle of it now. I was called by my media agent (sales agent) to buy books. I purchased almost $1000 woth of books. Now I can't get anyone to tell me the status of that order. I have literally begged them and I keep getting an automated respon saying they are looking into it. I spent 6 years writing my books and know I'm at a stand still. I believed what I read when I sign up with them. I realized the first time around that they weren't going to do ALL they promised, but I was happy with the outcome. But this time they are ignoring me and brushing me off after taking the money. OH, but they continue to send me sales emails asking me to buy more books when they haven't delivered the ones I ordered 2.5 months ago and won't tell me why.

Unknown said...

My book, Letters to the Editor - Denied was released Feb. 9, 2016. My first book as well and the lead up process was very well done, yet Tate has since utterly failed this author since as well it seems as so very many others. I`ve sent mailings to the governor of OK, the chamber of commerce there in Oklahoma City, my local representative here in KY , and the Senator as well without answers in some cases. The one answered stated that was not an area of which they handled as my state goes. I`m trying to establish just which part of our gov`t handles such things as publisher controls and laws applicable to their guidelines.There must be some standards regarding what such companies must follow but so far no luck and apparently Tate uses every single tolerance to accommodate themselves while ignoring we who author these books and pay the total expense without reward. Without authors there`d be little need for publishers so.....
I`m a USAF veteran, and I have been unemployed since Oct. 2012 after actions by my nearly 12 year former employer in their disregard for their hourly employees drove me away. Those reasons were covered by the first chapter of my book and I had stated to Tate from the onset what my situation was yet they didn`t apparently plan on thus " needing " my true participation as I have found my book listed in some very questionable " bookstore " and at prices far beyond what the marked one of $18.99 showed by the UPC on the back.
My book was categorized as Political Science; Editorials and Opinions, and Social Science; General whereas I clearly stated within those pages what my thoughts are of the current affairs of the US and the business practices tolerated within. That apparently held little significance either or they simply didn`t take a hint of how I may react to there covertness regarding information claimed not knowing. I may not have any income nor as a veteran from 78 - 82 will I accept gov`t assistance because of war veterans being ignored by the VA and have injuries sustained from services that need what they cannot seem to get. I will not do so and will find the legal means to put a stop to Tate and others like them so that future authors are not victimized as well. I would love to add my story to others in a class action lawsuit and bring more pressure to bear on each of them at Tate ie; Dr Richard Tate ( 100 + emails and 3 phone conversations ) Mark Mingle, VP and yet nothing at all in communication from this Ryan Tate who is supposedly CEO and an economic " whiz " ! Hopefully we could all get something going with all complaintants to bring them to their knees and stop the atrocious business altogether.
Elmer Ray Toller Jr of Maysville, KY since I`m on a borrowed tablet at present. Good luck to all.

Addison Christy said...

Wow. Tate sounds horrible. I was actually considering them until I stumbled on this blog post. What about alternatives to Tate? It's so difficult to get published now going the traditional path - far too much competition. Any suggestions from published authors?

Victoria Strauss said...


If you're looking for a traditional publisher, a good place to start is the shelves of a large bookstore or library; this will give you a list of publishers that are publishing in your subject or genre that you can then do more research on. Another helpful tool is a publishing market guide--Writer's Market, for instance, which publishes both a print market guide and a website There's also the Christian Writers' Market Guide--but that one you should use with caution, as it includes a lot of dubious companies like Tate.

If on the other hand you're interested in self-publishing, I usually suggest that authors start by investigating the free or low-cost services with good reputations in the self-pub community: Createspace, IngramSpark, and Lulu if they want to do print as well as ebooks, and Smashwords, Draft2Digital, and the direct-to-ereading-device services (Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble's Nook Press, and Kobo's Kobo Writing Life) if they want to do an ebook only.

I generally advise authors to avoid the Author Solutions self-publishing services (iUnverse, Xlibris, Trafford, AuthorHouse, BookTango, and the self-pub services Author Solutions runs for major publishers, including Thomas Nelson's WestBow Press and Hay House's Balboa Press), since I've received many complaints about quality, price, and high-pressure sales tactics.

Some self-publishing services claim to specialize in particular genres (such as self-help) or markets (such as the Christian market). This really isn't meaningful Self-pub services do no targeted marketing (unless you buy it a la carte, in which case you'll likely pay much more than it's worth), and they all use the same distribution channels.

For information to help you comparison shop, a rundown on the benefits and challenges of self-publishing, and links to helpful resources, see the Self-Publishing page of Writer Beware.

Victoria Strauss said...

A general note: I just want to say thanks to the writers who continue to post comments about their Tate experiences. I'm truly sorry for the problems you have experienced/are experiencing, but glad that they can help serve as a warning for others.

For anyone who has questions that they'd rather ask privately, please feel free to contact me: beware [at]

Stacyj said...

I've had the same experience with Tate like much of the Authors here, and I'm just wondering if a petition on can assist with getting the word out. Tate has not delivered on their contract to me either but I think it saddens me more that they use the name of Christ! There should be a petition calling for them to refund people's monies and also to remove the name of Jesus Christ from their materials.

Addison Christy said...


This is fantastic information. :) Thank you so much!


Victoria Strauss said...

Addison--you're welcome!

Stacyj--I don't want to be too much of a downer, but I don't think a petition would do a thing to make Tate pay attention to author complaints--of which I'm certain it's well aware. More effective, in my opinion, would be posting a complaint online (there are links to several complaints sites, plus the Better Business Bureau, in my post above), and making a consumer complaint to the Oklahoma Attorney General (Tate was the second most-complained about company to the Oklahoma AG in 2015).

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen this? Smacks of desperation.

Victoria Strauss said...

Good catch, Anonymous--I'm adding the link to my post. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I also have 4 books through Tate. I do not pay a fee either. Only if I want to purchase my own stock of books. I have had a generally good experience with them.

Anonymous said...

As an ex-employee, good luck getting a hold of anyone. There are roughly 5 employees left (all of which have the last name Tate) and they are too busy scrambling daily to avoid lawsuits. Also, good luck getting any printed material because the print shop closed Wednesday. The remainder of what little printing they do is outsourced but it's just a matter of time before that option is gone and another vendor sues them for non-payment. Sorry for all of those that fell victim to the Tate's ploys, I felt guilty actually showing up for work on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

As a former employee as well, I can say for sure that some of the "Executive" staff goes onto sights like this and posts positive reviews pretending to be authors. They will even use legit authors names to make it believable. I will also say, that we were asked on numerous occasions to do so ourselves and reach out to authors asking them to do so, offering free products if they did.

This company and the family that carry the "Tate" name are some of the biggest crooks I have ever met in my life! They don't care about anyone but themselves. The most current example is, the Health premiums were not paid and ex employees are left with some pretty big doctor bills as a result of it.

Working for Tate Publishing was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I am paying for their greed and thats not right!

Anonymous said...


posting as anonymous - i am a designer here in PH, outsourced by tate. for a few months now, tate has been delaying salaries and cancelling off incentives making the employee payback for every incentive he got. the salary here averages from 300$ to 600$ but the production team are overworked working with 20-40 authors a MONTH! ridiculous!

. right now tate has been laying off employees with no proper reason. good luck to all. but i doubt any projects or books will be published from now on.

stefani said...

Hubby was in eviction court today -- and Tate publishing was evicted from their building. We published a book with Tate over 8 years ago and although we didn't get any of the marketing we were promised -- we did get nice books because we make sure there were not printing mistakes and maybe they were more legitimate back then. Hubby is sorry we will not be able to reorder any more of our books!

Victoria Strauss said...

Stefani--would you contact me? beware [at] . I'm planning a followup post on Tate, and I'd like to know more about the eviction. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I would like to know more about this too. I had 5 children's books published with Tate in 2015. If the company no longer exists and they are unable to print, are my contract void?

Victoria Strauss said...


Despite rumors, there's no proof that Tate has ceased operations. Its website is live, and according to Amazon, it has book releases scheduled out into February 2017.

If Tate does go out of business, what would happen to your books would depend on how that happens. It might close its doors and revert all rights to all authors (I think that's unlikely). It might close its doors and not bother to revert rights at all (a stickier situation, which you might be able to get around by invoking the cancel-at-will clause in your contract--if your contract has such a clause).

Or it might declare bankruptcy, in which case all publishing contracts would be considered assets by the court and frozen (most publishing contracts include a clause ensuring rights reversion in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation, but courts routinely ignore these clauses). I think that's a more likely outcome--again, if Tate goes out of business.

Till then, your contracts continue in force, unless you choose to exercise the cancel-at-will clause. I'm actively following what's going on with Tate (see my latest blog post) and will post updates as I get them.

Anonymous said...

posting as an anonymous. tate publishing will still likely print out your books but the problem is -

1 tate no longer has printers
2 tate no longer has designers
3 tate is laying-off employees
4 tate - has not paid salaries
5 no salaries = no work

Debbie R said...

๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’” have two books at Tate .... ๐Ÿ˜ข

Anonymous said...

I just gave them money for a new 2 books about three weeks ago and cannot get anyone on the phone. Not even an operator.

Anonymous said...

Tate is a "Christian" publishing company who doesn't pay their employees' salaries and laying off a BUNCH of workers when Christmas is coming.

Victoria Strauss said...

Any Tate employees reading this, please contact me in TOTAL confidence to share what's going on. Your names will not be shared. beware [at] Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,I've stumbled upon your blog. Tate Publishing outsourced in PH is also facing several charges in the Department of Labor due to termination and forced suspension of about 3/4 of its employees from the production managers, designers, marketing staff,etc. The employees have not received their salaries. So many book projects left yet there are only few employees. I doubt if they can handle all.

Victoria Strauss said...

Anonymous 12/20/16, could you please email me? beware [at] . I'd like to know more. All information shared with Writer Beware is held in confidence. Thanks.

Debbie R said...

Hello my fellow writers. First, I would like to express my gratitude to Victoria for posting this article. Although painful to be caught in the storm of this situation, I'm hopeful that this article will reach other potential authors and prevent any loss of money or hope. For those of you who have regained your hope and trust in the One who gave you your dream --- I wanted to share with you that His dream hasn't changed for any of us. His plan is still in motion. Hang in there - praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

I resigned at Tate publishing Philippines last month and I am hoping that tate will pay my last pay in full. But the chance of getting my salary is only 1%.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting since August to receive payment for books sold according to my market report. Isn't it amazing how many checks can be lost in mailing??????????

They can't find the recording I sent and do not respond when I question about the webpage they were supposed to help me set up.

How do we know how many books have sold? Hopefully an audit will be done.

Anonymous said...

Never publish with Tate Publishing. I am still an employee of Tate here in the philippines but i no longer report to work because they dont give what is due to us.
- delayed salaries, and by delayed i meant really delayed. Weeks
- no more print shop
- tate is not even paying LSI
And many many more.

Ryan Tate is no man.

Anonymous said...

I am a project manager from the PH. The massive lay-offs, delayed pays/underpayment and the diminution of benefits are all true. There is just 1 or 2 designers left. It is happening as of this writing. Corporate (OKC) no longer communicates with the local management here and we cannot last much longer. We were assured that we are still operational but the current circumstances says otherwise. Sorry for all the authors who got caught in this maelstrom.

Anonymous said...

To anyone.

I'm one of the employees of Tate's office here in the philippines. over the past few months, operations have been very shaky. our pays have constantly been late and more than 80% of the employees here have been laid off. The year is about to end and those who are still will the company still has not been given our government mandated bonuses and benefits. in fact, only 75% of our last pay was given to us. and the reason was that the main office in OKC did not sent us enough money. we have been sending email after email to the leaders and our superiors in the main office, but sadly, we only get vague replies and promises.

We fear that the company is planning to illegally shut down their operations here in the philippines and leave everyone here in the office with nothing. We have filed a case in our local department of labor, but again, if the company illegally shuts down, there is nothing we can do. operations will cease and will definitely affect the publishing and releasing of the books that are still being worked on.

To the authors, please, don't let Tate publishing kill your dream. Find another publisher who can treat their clients and their employees better.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I have written to the Oklahoma Department of Labor listing some of my grievances. My contract states that I can terminate with cause. I asked that, when proceedings begin, those of us who have the right to terminate, be allowed to do so that we may find other publishers. I also asked about an audit to show sales for which we have not been paid.

It would probably help if other authors do the same.

Anonymous said...

How much did you pay them?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Ryan Tate and his family celebrate Christmas when the employees in the Phils. and their families have nothing. The CHRISTIAN publishing company still has not given the salaries and bonuses of the employees up to this time which will cause production shutoff.

Anonymous said...

Former PH employee here. Updates: 3 days before new year and payday on the 31st but Tate Philippines employees are yet to receive their salaries and the mandatory 13th month pay which is supposed to be given before the 24th. No response from any of the Tates despite the barrage of employee e-mails. Even before the major layoff the past two months, employees were overworked but underpaid. I wonder how they sleep at night or eat their meals while their employees here are trying to hard to make ends meet. To authors, there were a lot of talented and hardworking artists and editors in Tate and they take pride in what they do. Most of them are booklovers themselves and whose hearts would first to break if they see an editing mistake on their part. If you have received books with too many errors than you can count, it means one thing: the books had not been passed to editors. On behalf of my fellow workers who I know worked so hard, we are sorry for your bad experiences. We too are victims of this insufferable thick-faced bald bastard.

Anonymous said...

To all the PH employees, I am so incredibly sorry that you are going through this. I too remember the sting of Ryan Tate when I was laid off. I continue to feel the pain when I open my mail box and find yet another doctor bill saying my insurance was denied because Tate Publishing didn't pay the premiums. I feel you all are very brave to stand up to him especially when so many here in the States are afraid of him. I hope you can take comfort in knowing, he will get it ALL back someday. We may never see it but he will get it. How do I know? Because our God is a faithful God and does not like liars and cheaters. You cannot treat people like this and get away with it. Just know, he is a very lonely (little) man who hides behind his phone, employees and big fake smile, even he cannot believe his own lies.

Anonymous said...

I have my 6th children's book being published by Tate now. I have been extremely pleased with all of my books. If Tate goes out of business what will happen to books that are in the middle of publication? I have already ordered and paid in advance over a thousand dollars for 100 hardbacks and 100 paperbacks of this new book. With the printing shop closed, what will happen? If a new company is started will they print these books? I feel so helpless. I can no longer get Tate to answer my calls or emails concerning this.

Unknown said...

I am an author with Tate Publishing and was waiting for my proof copy of my second book when all communication from Tate stopped.My contact states that either party can cancel with due cause .
Can anyone tell me how to make cancellation of my contact official. I would like to have my book published with another publisher.
Juanita in Canada.

Anonymous said...

If you're wondering why Ryan Tate might not be receiving your emails, he uses one different from everyone else's:

He also has access to everybody's office emails and spies on the conversations being held. Ryan Tate is scum and I hope he is reading this. Why are OKC people afraid of him? Because he's a has-been wrestler, played football (not even as a quarterback) and speaks loud with an imaginary stick? What a joke of a man. Business acumen? He obviously has none.

Ryan Tate only thinks for and about himself. He preaches about how work should be done but he can't even pay his people. Ryan Tate is everything wrong with Tate Publishing. I feel sorry for his family and anybody who chooses to associate with him. Send him an email, folks! He'll love the attention!

Anonymous said...

As someone who used their services for a musical cd, you get what you paid for. I recently hired a professional producer to produce three songs and every song, just the music, over 3 k in costs.
., and I have not promoted yet. The finished product generates a wow from everyone which is not what I got from the production over at Tate. It definitely will generate airplay . So. If you think your cd sound will be good enough for radio think again.
As for promotion costs for radio, it costs money and you need to hire experts. Tate will sell you a promotion package that will not be effective.

What we all need to realize is we as artists have to beat the pavement. If we do not do it, even a million dollar production will fail.
Is the production value worthy of the price they charge?
I would not use them again.
I certainly would not want my name connected to them for another cd.
It is better to spend better money on one song done well than to spend less for many that sound ok but not wow enough for radio.
If you can not wow radio in 20 seconds , you are done.

Anonymous said...

I used to work as an editor at Tate, stateside--I was laid off in 2013. I do want to say that no matter what the Tates do/did themselves, every employee working in book production took their job seriously and did the best job they could with every project. We truly care about our jobs and about book publishing. As far as I know, the one upside of the Tate author contract is retaining rights to the book. I would encourage all authors in production to review their contract, because you should be able to go print your book elsewhere, but the book and cover design that Tate created may belong to Tate. Your story should belong to you though. As far as orders that are in progress, I am not sure how that will shake out, but I do know that Tate currently has no means of printing or shipping books. So I wouldn't look for those books any time soon. I'm so sorry for everyone scammed by this company. I can honestly say that when I worked there I worked very hard to help all my authors achieve their vision and make their manuscripts the best they could be, and it makes me sad that the owners of the company are such terrible people.

Anonymous said...

In the last month things have gone completely down hill. Serious communication issues. Weeks of emails not being answered. Any updates on if the company is going under?

Anonymous said...

If Tate Publishing does go down, does anyone know how to keep our books up on Amazon and other sites? Would becoming an Amazon seller and selling our own books through Amazon (and other sites) keep our books and reviews up on these sites?

Victoria Strauss said...

Anonymous 1/05: I haven't heard any more than I've posted here. I'm keeping an eye out (and invite Tate authors and staff to contact me), and will post news as I receive it.

Anonyous 1/06: Your book listing will probably remain on Amazon if Tate folds, along with your reviews, especially if it's listed by Amazon Marketplace sellers.

Marcia said...

James 5 (NIV)

5 Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.[a] 6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you.

7 Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains. 8 You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. 9 Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!

10 Brothers and sisters, as an example of patience in the face of suffering, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. 11 As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.

LaNell said...

Thank you for posting this information. I was planning on re-launching my children's book since I have relocated to another state. I suppose I will have to postpone. As of the first of the year, Amazon has listed my book as unavailable. Since I published a picture book, do I have the rights to the illustrations? Tate STILL has not fulfilled their contract obligations to me and my book was published in 2012. They refused to answer any questions regarding contractual obligations and though I know books were purchased, no royalties were paid.Do we have basis for a class action suite?

Anonymous said...

I published under them and they never tell me how many books I sold. Never paid me a royalty.. Never will even answer emails. They never filed my copyright paperwork. They won't even give me reasonable answers on anything.. It's like they scammed a disabled person and knew they could.

Victoria Strauss said...


Are they your own illustrations, or did you commission them and buy the rights? In that case you will be able to re-use them, once your contract with Tate has been terminated. If Tate created them, you'd have to obtain the rights in order to reuse them.

As to the class action suit--I'm getting so many questions about this, and the answer at the moment is that I'm not aware that anyone is taking action to get a suit started. In my personal opinion, Tate authors may well have grounds for a suit, but someone would have to take the lead on organizing this--gathering names and stories of affected authors, contacting and engaging an attorney. There would be cost involved--in a situation like this, where the defendant probably has few or no resources, I doubt an attorney would be willing to work on contingency (that only happens where there are deep pockets, which is not the case with Tate).

Is a class action suit worthwhile when there's probably no reparations to be had? IMO, not really. An official investigation, which could possibly result in a civil or criminal lawsuit, would be a better outcome in my opinion.

I'd strongly encourage Tate authors and US-based staff to complain to the consumer fraud division of the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office, and also to the local FBI office. I know that the AG has received a lot of complaints already about Tate, and is aware of them. A significant volume may spur them to act. I've added a section to my post with contact information.

Anonymous said...

Tate Publishing has officially shut down their business in the Philippines today. Their main office in Cebu has been locked up by the Department of Labor and the owner of the building due to non-payment of the rent.

chubbybunny said...

I'm an ex-employee of Tate, and we were just at the Cebu office yesterday. Today is the the last day that the office is open, mainly for HR to furnish ex-employees with certificates of employment and other documents. The Department of Labor has officially ceased all operations and is taking stock of the company's physical assets.

We have been informed that, as of this writing, there is no official directive or announcement from the Tates that the company is closing or declaring bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Address for Oklahoma Attorney General:

Oklahoma Attorney General's Office

313 NE 21st Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Anonymous said...

Tate has not shut down its US office yet because there are still remaining employees who are working for the projects but not enough to accommodate all authors. There are hundreds of thousands projects left and with only more or less than 10 people working, only a miracle can make it work. Hence, I encourage all authors to take legal actions against Tate Publishing so that Ryan Tate will be shaken and rot in jail. We couldn't run after him because he is living in the US, so I hope authors and artists will persecute Ryan.

If you are receiving emails from any of the Tate family to trust them in working things out, do not believe it as they have no more means in making your books published. The ones that they are working right now are just for new authors and those authors who are dear to their hearts. If you are neither to these, a big luck to you.

From former Tate employee

Anonymous said...

Speaking of emails from family, not all of them carry the Tate last name. Tim Kelley is Ryan Tates brother-in-law and Edgerton is Trinity Tates married name. Cordingly, Mingle, Baker, Hignite, Barker, Reese, Johnson and a few others are just in so deep they can't get out right now. Its never a good thing when you know too much and have political ties. Of course, you have a select few that don't know any better and believe everything that is being fed to them during Friday morning bible study (Ryan Tate hour.) Sadly, those are the next to get the boot. Payday for the States is tomorrow, wonder who will get paid?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I almost forgot.... VIKKI WILLIAMS is Rita Tates sister.

Anonymous said...

An email was sent out yesterday to a whole host of authors by someone telling them not to trust Tate and that no one worked there anymore in production. Not sure who sent it though. The email address only said

L. Lee Parmeter said...

4 January, I received an E mail letter from Terry Cordingley Tate's marketing guru that the Cebu facility will be closing and we would be provided with a new Author Service Rep. The facility will be moving back to Mustang Oklahoma. Also comments were that I am "on the list" to receive my books. My book is scheduled for release on 7 March. I will just have to wait and see. The Philippine process was an exercise in futility caused by people who were not editors or managers. The 1st edit pass "they" added over 2000 errors just by the way they set up editing in a 9 or 10 font that you couldn't read. I am sure my book will be printed with many errors. The people who paid a set fee by paying for 300 books as a lifetime author are also in Limbo. My first book with Tate was published without a hitch but with 0 marketing. We can't shoot the Oklahoma horse until we see when and if Tate is going to survive and my book will be printed L Lee Parmeter Author

Victoria Strauss said...

Could someone please forward me the email? My email address is beware [at]

Tate is obviously in big trouble, but I'd be cautious of anonymous mass emails.

Fred Hudson said...

Tate reminds me of Enron - right up to the end they are going to say all is OK

Unknown said...

I have sent in a manuscript and recently had it sent back to review and change. A few days ago I get an email from someone at Tate Publishing that says this:Hi,

I would like to inform you that Ryan Tate didn't pay his employees and your book will never be finished. He has no more employees, editors, designers, printers, and marketing consultants, but he still keep on selling and making promises on finishing your book.

Tim Kelly
Vice President and Director of Production

Now I will admit that I did not pay thousands of dollars to publish my book, but any amount of money that is lost is tragic. I can't afford to lose anything and getting this email hurt.

I will do my best to get the money back that I paid, but I have a feeling it's a lost cause.

Victoria Strauss said...

Melissa Woodrow,

See my latest update on the Tim Kelly email.

In my opinion, for writers who recently bought services from Tate, your best chance of getting a refund is to file a dispute with your credit card company, your bank, or Paypal (depending on how you paid). Feel free to cite this blog post as justification. Companies take such disputes seriously, and will investigate.

The Christian Bookie said...

I signed into the portal out of curiosity and it is a joke. There is no status update on anything. I did submit a ticket, again out of curiosity, and have not heard anything.

Anonymous said...

I received the Tim Kelly email, but not from him. Mine came from Trinity Tate Edgerton. I completed a claim on Friday AM but have not received any response yet.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
L. Lee Parmeter said...

The Tate portal seems to be working so far. I had a problem logging on but was assisted with the correct link. Each question is assigned a number and so far worked. I am still waiting for the assignment of an author representative. I am also still waiting to see if my release date of 7 March is valid and also if my books will be printed in time for my scheduled book signings. I say give the portal a couple of weeks to work out the "bugs." At least it is much better than the "no contact" rule for the Philippine connection. There is communication, but how much in depth it will work is time driven. It takes time to work out an interactive web site. Hopefully the timing is on our side. My first book with Tate was published in 2005 and the process went well but with 0 marketing which i kind of liked so I could schedule my own. About 18 months ago on a routine review of my book Tate found many punctuation errors and agreed to re-edit and re-publish at no expense. They gave me 25 free copies of my book for the trouble. At least they have corrected the Cebu fiasco. L Lee Parmeter author

Victoria Strauss said...

L. Lee Parmeter,

Thanks for the report on the portal. I think the issue is not whether it appears to work from your end, but whether it produces any response or action from Tate's end (and I don't think "closing up shop without paying employees" is much of a correction for the situation in the Philippines). In my opinion the portal is a distraction, not a tool--but I could be wrong. Please come back and let us know what your experience is. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

FYI even though authors fill out or report a ticket on that portal, there will be no one who will address their concerns since there are only less than 10 people who are left with Tate Publishing in their US office. That is just their tactic in letting the authors know that they are working out the issues but the truth of the matter is, no one as in NO ONE will address the author's concern. The online portal is just a diversion from the real issues that Tate Publishing is facing.

You are right Victoria that the portal is a distraction not a tool in helping resolving these issues.

I should have known because I knew someone who was assigned on that tasks. Author will file a ticket, then that ticket will be forwarded to the assigned personnel. Then it is the option of that assigned person to answer the ticket or not. In most cases, assigned person will not answer those tickets because he has no answers from the very beginning due to Tate's shaky situation with the matters of book production, marketing and book printings.

So if there will be anyone whose concerns are answered, then it is pure luck or you are a part of their so called prioritized authors. One day, all these authors will receive an email citing the prioritized list of authors. Meaning, authors whose books will not be shortlisted or will not be in the waiting list to get their book published. That's Tate's plan to address these issues.

Anonymous said...

There are also former employees in the Mustang, Oklahoma office who recently resigned and did not get paid. Complaints are currently being filed with the Oklahoma Department of Labor this week. As someone previously posted, the Department of Labor in Cebu shut down Tate in the Philippines due to non payment of wages. It was not a choice Tate made.

Nicholas Rousselle said...

Tate got 1600+ out of me over the course of a year; before i fired their butts for gross non performance jan 17'
I have filed an AG complaint; asking for all money invested to be refunded; plus $1000 in punitive damages. I am also interested in any CLASS ACTION anyone is considering

The Christian Bookie said...

I submitted a ticket in the portal on Friday. The automated email saiys there will be a response within 24 hours. It is 1pm on Monday and no response. I will update if I hear anything.

Unknown said...

I can't get in portal where do I get a password. Didn't have one before this. Thought I would try. All production bon my book stopped in October 2026. Got the email with the portal but that was hard to open up.

Unknown said...

I submitted a ticket on Sunday. Given that Monday is a holiday, I will also up date if I hear anything back. But, I have not a clue as to a password. So, don't know if I made it through.

The Christian Bookie said...

The aqisitions editor I worked with has recently left the company. I saw this on her LinkedIn profile. That leaves one which is Trinity Tate.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm also one of the many authors finding themselves in this pickle. Sadly, I signed up with Tate, and forked over my dough, a month or two before the volcano of complaints went nuclear.

I've been trying to get in touch with them, but to no avail. I've had a squad of Project Managers, editors and my book is still on the slap waiting for some CPR.

Now, my question is this: why in God's sake do we have to take it lying down? Way I hear it, the only true way to kill a vampire is to stake its heart, and to make a swindler bleed simply dropkick them where it hurts; HIS WALLET.

Everyone on this forum, and countless others, has a complaint against Tate. Everyone is steaming and hot under the collar. So, my question is, why aren't we presenting an organized front?

Frankly, it's not just a case of getting our money back, it's a case of being abused. Way I hear it it's not just a breach of contract and ethics, but an assualt on our livelihood, and our sanity... And, THAT is a civil dispute goldmine, and a PR nightmare with punitive damages tattooed on its forehead with blazing letters.

L. Lee Parmeter said...

Like everyone I am waiting for the portal to produce some positive results. Today I received a message that an answer was going to take 2 business days instead of one printed in red. I guess so because my number was 1304 and two days ago my first message number was 480. I don't know what number sequence they started with. I asked when an ASR was going to assigned and when my book will be printed because I have already scheduled book signings. Personally, I don't have much hope I will ever see my latest book in print. I did call the Oklahoma AG's office and left a detailed message. The message stated that someone will call back within one business day.Info below. There was a Philippine number that I used to speak to Randy in production that apparently is apparently Tate's new number as there is an option to speak with an ASR. I had no luck with an ASR but this is the unpublished number.
405-310-1504 Good Luck and let me know. L Lee Parmeter

Contact the Attorney General's Office
The Attorney General's Office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, excluding state holidays.


Oklahoma Attorney General's Office

313 NE 21st Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73105


Oklahoma City: (405) 521-3921

Tulsa: (918) 581-2885


(405) 521-6246

Click here to e-mail the Attorney General's Office.

Click here to submit a scheduling request for Attorney General Pruitt.

Click here to find out how you can file a complaint.

Click here for a list of the units within the Attorney General's Office

L. Lee Parmeter said...

I just spoke with the AG office in Oklahoma. He gave me the info to file a complaint. He couldn't tell me much but he did say that in 2016 they had 62 complaints and in 2017 so far they have had 11. That is a lot in 17 days. So the AG is doing their job. I don't think Tate will survive this latest round of closing offices so if they close. we are all screwed to the tune of a few dollars that will take years. Good luck to all. Keep writing on this bog so we can all know what is going on in each sector. Lee

Anonymous said...

Seems strange that the Tate Publishing website is completely down today. Does anyone else have access to the portal? Also found it interesting that there is an article in the local paper in Mustang, Oklahoma about Tate. Richard and Rita Tate claim that they made the decision to bring everything back over to the United States because Donald Trump was elected and has promised tax breaks. Nothing about the government shutting them down or about them owing thousands in back wages, rent and other fees in the Philippines.

The Christian Bookie said...

The Tate website is unavailable and under maintenance.

Anonymous said...

I am a prior Tate Author. My first book was published in 2005. I was hoping to have my latest book in my hands this Feb. All of this is so sad. I am considering seeing if I can recover my money through my credit card company. Has anyone tried that yet? If so, fid it work? I have a ticket on the Tate portal for four days with no response.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked into other publishers taking over where Tate left off with their projects?

The Christian Bookie said...

I tried to call Tate, but the voicemail said their offices are currently closed.

Anonymous said...

There should be a statement on their website soon. Keep checking back.

L. Lee Parmeter said...

I called 405-310-1504 and yes they are closed. The web site with my book is gone. The portal is open but no answers. I spoke at length with Visa about a refund. Too much time as after 90 days has long passed. I will just chalk it up to experience. I am pulling my book and going with another publisher. I don't have enough time left on earth to wait on Tate. I am 82 100% combat DAV and a cancer patient with limited time. "Winds of the Bitterroots" will be my 15th book of which 5 have been published. Good luck to all concerned and my God bless you. L Lee Parmeter Biloxi MS

Victoria Strauss said...

I just tried calling also. There's an automated answer with a cheery message ("Tate Publishing and Enterprises, where your dreams are our business!"), a recitation of office hours, and then a list of menu options. Nothing about closure unless you select any of the menu options, in which case you get "our offices are currently closed" and are invited to leave a message. To someone who didn't know about the problems, it might seem odd that the offices were closed during stated office hours, but it wouldn't be clear than anything was wrong.

I've heard from two different (and unfortunately anonymous) sources that Tate has shut down its Mustang offices; between that and the "office closed" message it certainly sounds like Tate has thrown in the towel. I'm reluctant to update my post, though, until I get more solid confirmation. I'm looking for that right now.

Anonymous said...

L.Lee. Can you let us know what publisher you go with. I keep getting random emails from various online publishers. I don't want to invest a lot more into this. I have the final proof, so don't need editing. Please share your insights on which route you go. Thank you, much appreciated. I don't want to allow these issues with Tate keep me from trusting another company. I sincerely appreciate everyone on this blog, the support is good to have. I know I am not alone in this. God is in it. The Tate family needs prayer, we must always pray for everyone even those that wrong us. I just emailed Kortney Disney, a Tate Acquisition manager. Throughout this whole fiasco she has always responded to me., last email was Monday 16 Jan. If she responds to the email I just sent today i will post. God bless!,

The Christian Bookie said...

Tate's facebook page appears to have been deleted. Twitter is still up.

Nancy G. said...

I have 5 books published with Tate and another which was supposed to be in production. I am very disappointed and have lost all respect for the Tate family. It is sad when a company uses God's word to spin its' clients into its' web of deceit. I had no problem getting my books published, until I paid for a lifetime author, which was to mean no more upfront fees for any future releases. Everything seemed to be going fine until suddenly, my emails were not being answered, neither were my phone calls. Then I come to find out that Jim Miller was no longer there. He was always the person who handled my orders and was always good for his word, or come to think of it now, perhaps not.
As far as getting any money back, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, unless you like standing in line waiting for the train that has already jumped the rails. Frankly, I'm as mad as a wet-setting hen. I only wish I could meet the big dogs at Tate Publishing face-to-face just so I could personally tell them how many people's lives and dreams were affected by their dirty business practices. Oh well, in the end we must all stand before our Lord to atone for our sins and short-comings. I'm just glad it will be them and not me who will answer for hurting so many good people whose only mistake was trusting the words ball-faced liars.

janie ebinger said...

My thought is if Tate can't print them we can't sell them anywhere

The Christian Bookie said...

There was a story on facebook that says it is by Traci Chapman that confirms the closure. It was posted to the Lost Ogle fb page, but was not posted by the Ogle.

George Hook said...

I am an author who also trusted Tate. I have had no communication with Tate since early December. Emails have gone unanswered as have phone messages. I, too, have tried the new portal and it is useless as far as I'm concerned. It is just a info-only page which doesn't provide any info on my project (as it promised). I'm a little shook up by all the comments and the info about Tate at the moment. Good luck to all and God Bless You is about all I can say now.

Anonymous said...

Well Tate has just updated their website and it's no surprise. They say they are going through a "transition period" and if you want to be released from your contract all you have to do is click the link. Even if they took your money and never released your book, they expect you to sign a form agreeing to no refund and to indemnify and hold harmless Tate
Publishing & Enterprises, LLC and its subsidiaries, officers, executives, employees, and any such heirs they may have. Basically thanks for your money and good luck. Par for the course with these scam artists.

Unknown said...

I am an author published through Tate. I think it's really gutsy for them to ask me for $50 to give me my book files. My contract says I own it, so why should I pay for their dishonesty?

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your research and comprehensive reporting on this. I would have never known any of this had I not opened that email they sent about the "transition." This is all so disappointing.

L. Lee Parmeter said...

I just received a contract release form from Tate. A small note that in a few weeks we will be notified of the status of our books. They also are not taking any more new authors which means to me they will not be in business any more. Also no mention of any kind of compensation. I am at a loss what to do except find another publisher and spend more money. My book is complete waiting to be printed. My thoughts are if they are closing we can never get copies of our books anyways. Any comments??

Marcie Cooper said...

This is what the agreement says, "YES, please send me my final, print-ready files. I understand that I am required to remove the ISBN, Barcode, Tate Publishing’s logos, and any references to Tate Publishing before the files may be printed. I understand that there is a $50.00 USD processing fee, and that files will be sent via US Mail within 30-45 days." How in the world can a printable file be sent through US mail? The worst part of it is that they claim to be Christians. Jesus would never rip people off. He is our ultimate hope and salvation but something like this would turn people away from Him. I'm more disappointed about that than I am with not getting more books from them.

Unknown said...

DON'T SIGN ANYTHING!!!! Frankly, sorry if I'm a bit blunt, but I'm sick and tired of being dicked around by Tate. Yesterday I contacted a lawyer in Oklahoma City and she says we have one hell of case. Tate did everything within their powers to deceive us, a clear sign, especially in this last few weeks, of ill intent on their part.

Don't sign a damn thing, just the fact that they have posted a contract release form, with that clause at the end where they are basically asking us not to sue, means they are scared and know that most authors have them by the furry bits.

Frankly, it's no longer a case of getting our money back, but a case of letting them have their comeuppance, and getting a few licks in. They played with us, with our dreams, our aspirations, our nerves, and, above all, our livelihood... We are due a hell of a lot more than a couple of refunds; we are due our pound of flesh.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, get the word out to any Tate author you know not to sign these release forms. This is yet another scam, a quick play to try and get frustrated, hurt people to give up their rights before the actual reckoning occurs. They WANT you to sign these papers, which means it's a bad thing for you.

There's an on-going Oklahoma Attorney General investigation occurring. Signing away rights now might make you miss out on some relief later on.

Unknown said...

I haven't received any "transition" email and I sure not taking this laying down. Why make a portal with tickets? Why give a dozen declarations that everything was hunky-dory? they not only acted in bad faith, but they actually acted illegally, scamming their authors and the public at large... lying through their teeth. Hell, a week ago I actually spoke to Trinity Tate she actually wanted me to sign up with them again and release another book a hadn't finished yet! That there is a clear indication that all morals in that office were curb stomped and taken out back.

It's cut and dry what we all have to do. IIt's time to get our John Grisham game face on!

The Christian Bookie said...

If you have your manuscripts you are free to take them elsewhere. The contract says you hold the rights to it. Do not pay the fee!

Anonymous said...

I called Infinity publishing today. I believe they can pick up where Tate failed. God bless

Victoria Strauss said...

L. Lee Parmeter,

I think we can be pretty certain at this point that Tate is closed, and the "transition" is a sham. I suppose there's a chance I could be wrong about that, but I think it's a small chance. I don't think you should hope to get copies of your books; I'd be surprised if they were ever printed.

I'm advising authors to get legal advice before signing those release forms.

In looking for a new publisher, keep in mind that reputable publishers don't require you to pay anything or buy anything, and reputable self-publishing services cost much, much less than $3,995.

Unknown said...

I learned today of the problems that Tate is having! What are we as authors supposed to do now? I was just reading the comments by Victoria Strauss. I'm judging I'm starting all over again. I feel like I just GAVE my money away! And I'm one of those who got the 27 cent royalty checks. Glad I didn't try to deposit it in my account. I've heard it would have bounced! GEEZ LOUISE!!

Unknown said...

Thank you to all who said not to sign that transition thingy! I had a feeling about that so I said, 'Awww HELL NAW!' LOL!

Anonymous said...

I also received this e-mail from Tate with the forms you can sign. Or you can wait for the transition in a few weeks. I did publish a book with them back in 2012 and had a great experience. I am sorry that they are closing I was looking forward to the new published book and had told others about it. Also the money that I have lost and could not afford. Really sad I am truely disappointed.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I am an agent for Infinity. I am also a 2x Tate author and have been fighting with them for 18 months.I'm NOT signing that release and feel we need to organize and do somethinget ASAP.
I can tell you Infinity is a decent company. I've not published personally with them yet (will now) but use them for my ghostwriting business. They are a pleasure to work with.

Unknown said...

I have been trying to get ahold of Tate to order books for over a month now. I signed up for the portal and submitted 2 separate tickets. No one has yet to respond. I've tried to call...but only get automated systems. There are no responses to emails either.

Recently I have received a series of emails. The first stating that production was behind and they were moving operations to the US and all orders would be fulfilled. Then I received on that said the portal was open. Then I received one that said they were in transition with the option to opt out of my contract.

I contacted the FTC to file a complaint, as well as the BBB and OK AG. The AG called me back and said they welcomed more complainants as Tate was currently under investigation. The BBB said they had no rating and would request an answer.

This company...or a hot mess. I just pray they do not move onto to Lux Creative and get away with all this.

David Brown said...

Please add me to the list of tate authors.

Clint Goodwin said...

My name is Clint Goodwin. My first two books were simply a learning experience and frankly, a pleasant experience. I resigned to the fact I earned graduate credits in what to do and NOT do in the book business. I was scheduled to publish my third book with Tate on or about April 2017. I am praying things will turn around for Tate. I do appreciated all who have posted their perspectives addressing Tate's troubled waters. Hopefully, time will be our wisest teacher, and not by unfortunate circumstances floating around. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate if I could be added to any list that is being generated of authors that have been wronged by Tate publishing. I am and author of four different novels. Unfortunately my last two novels have not been published by Tate publishing because they have been stalling to edit them the correct way.

One of my novels was released online with Amazon and other places despite the fact that I did not sign any written agreement to have them released. They were not ready to be published because they were too many mistakes. The novel was not edited. So I did not want them to be released to Amazon because it wasn't ready. I have several letters from Tate publishing telling me that they were going to remove the premature release and fix the mess they made. However they never did that. I read into the many times and I called the many times and all I got was broken promises they were going to fix things.

I would like to be added to any list of authors that would like to team together find a way to get back what was stolen from us. Dweirdscientist At yahoo

Victoria Strauss said...

Just to note: I'm not aware of any list being generated of Tate victims (other than whatever list the Oklahoma Attorney General may be keeping--and again, I'd strongly encourage all Tate authors who feel they've been defrauded to make a complaint to the Attorney General).

I've gotten a lot of questions about class action suits. In order to get something like this going, someone would have to step forward and take the lead--collecting names and contact info, contacting lawyers to see who might be willing to take the case. I think it's unlikely that any lawyer would be willing to work on contingency in a case like this, where there are probably few resources and so many other creditors are laying claim to them; so there probably would be some kind of fee involved for participants.

Unknown said...


Can you tell me what publisher you are going to?

Unknown said...

Hello all,

I too have contacted a lawyer and now thanks to reading the comments here I will not sign that release. I'm looking at a class action lawsuit against them, the more authors that come aboard the better. This really stinks, even after all the times I specifically asked Kortney Disney about all the bad press she kept assurio my that everything was fine.

Unknown said...

I'm also going to a lawyer. One of my main beefs is the fact that they constantly lied to me. I've been asking them over a few months what the deal was, why they were always pawning me off to a me Project Manager. They had all sorts of excuses: "she's on mater el leave." Or "he's on an extended sabatical." Well, it turns out that they were simply being canned. That the whole company was imploding around them, crumbling on top of their heads, and that their spokesman and big kahuna was basically shoveling BS to their clients, to the media, and everyone that had their radars up.
Let's be honest, this is a clear action that went against any sort of ethical standing. This is the equivalent of telling everyone at the Titanic "iceberg? What iceberg? We're not sinking, God forbid! That's just a busted pipe. We're not tilting to the side? Madam, you're just drunk."
I, for one, don't exactly like being treated like a fool. I'm not taking this lying down. I'm going for their wallet, and getting a piece of justice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa. While a class action suit is certainly warranted, I'm not sure how fruitful it will be. Yesterday, Tate had to appear in court for the Xerox lawsuit. An article I read said that the lawyers who were on record representing the company asked the judge to release them from the case, which he did. The reason? Tate had not met their financial obligations to them. So in other words, if Tate cannot even pay its lawyers and must appear in court without counsel (Richard Tate represented the company), what's the chances that they have the money to pay out claims through a class action? Not trying to discourage you from filing. Just don't want you to have false hopes of ever getting your money back.

Anonymous said...

I've had two books published by Tate and an agreement for a no-cost third. I never submitted the manuscript for the third. My experience was good though I argued to always get the book cover design exactly as I wanted it-I always got what I wanted in the end. Editing was excellent. Good quality final books. I'm a great negotiator so rarely paid more than a modest fee for their services.
My ONLY concern as I move on is reproducing my works elsewhere without any "dangling" copyright, ISBN or ownership issues.
My experience was better than most but I cut through the bull with them early on and all went well for me in my two books. As for the third, I publish it elsewhere.
Anyone who'd like to share publishing ideas or partner with me can contact Dave at 859-444-0995

L. Lee Parmeter said...

I am also a Tate author from 2005 where they published The Last Tear Drop a well-done event. I went with another company for 2 more books. I selected Tate about a year ago because of their reasonable offer of $1200 plus 150 free books. That is where it went sour with the horrible editing experience with the Cebu Philippine island bunch. My release date was 7 March a full 4 months after the final edit. There was only one-way conversations with anyone about my book or concerns, never a response from Tate. Yesterday I made contact with other publishers. OK this is the bottom line. What about the 1.7 million lawsuit, from who when and where. There were 8 people on Facebook with a class action against Tate which has disappeared. Don’t underestimate Tate, as they will drag this out for years. I spoke with an attorney in Oklahoma and the bottom line is my $1200 worth waiting years while they maneuver the legal system and they declare Chapter 11 or 13. An anonymous poster said tell me how to join against Tate. Just how many people are there? I don’t have enough time on earth to fight or the will. I am going to publish my last book in spite of Tate. BTW I looked over my final PDF to be published and it was horrible with missing chapters, parts of the book were gone. I am now in the process of transferring it to Word for a non-Tate publication.

Unknown said...

Very Disappointed to hear and surprised just how deep this went! I did sign up with Tate to publish a book along with $4K.(The King's Door is Open) During the editing process I went through some difficult times with losing my parents and health issues. Now that things are getting better I thought I would write again and wrap things up and this.... Sounds like anyone involved with Tate is a victim. I will call the Oklahoma AG and NOT sign anything from Tate- everyone needs to do the same. We all need to stick together on this one.
Any advice on what to do with publishing please let me know

Unknown said...

Well its official...Tate is closed down. Here is a link with an interview from Mr. Tate.

Joan Broussard said...

I am also a Tate author with two books published and was working on a third.
I am grateful to have found this blog and want to be included in the list of authors taken advantage of by Tate. I have a long list of complaints and refund request I submitted to Tate In November, 2016. I sent the list to everyone at Tate with no responses.

I did received the Portal email and since I have lost trust in them I wasn't about to sign anything. Not sure where to go next. Is there one central place to be included in the official complaints and law suits?

Unknown said...

I'm in! I want to be added to the list of authors harmed by Tate. Does anyone know who to start a class action law suit? :o)

Tate Employee said...

Kortney is related to the Tate's, that's why she wouldn't give you an honest answer.

Unknown said...

Good day all. As one of many authors in the same boat, I too will not sign this release that Tate emailed to me. Also I did not get any kind of answer from that portal either. I am also looking for another publisher to go with. I am a first time Sutherland and really new to all this. I love writing it gives me a wonderful break from reality. My last contact with anyone from Tate was the first week this month. And it came from Kortney Disney, telling me someone would be in touch me on the production of my book. That's when I first received that carzy email from Mr. Kelley. I need a little help, has anyone heard of a magazine called Nebula, digital or hard copy. Because a Brittany Moore, from them has emailed me. She stated that they have come across my book and is interested in it,(?). Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated. And yes, I am filling a complaint with the Attorney Generals office. I don't know if I will see any of my money back. Probably not. Just chocking it up to experience. Good luck to all...

George Hook said...

I, too, am on board. I have one book that was set for release. Now what? I have a second book that had just gone into production, and I am devestated by this news. I had put such faith in Tate and feel abandonded and betrayed. Please add my email to any contemplated action. Let us UNITE!

Anonymous said...

What about the people (authors) who plain out right lied about how great Tate was? Would they all not be liable to a class action lawsuit as an accomplish - they might have more money then Tate and there might be a better chance of collecting something.

Unknown said...

I have one book published by Tate and my second one was scheduled for release in Feb 2017. This makes me so sad to hear how we all have been misled to say the say the least. I believed in them. Kortney Disney begged me to wait it all out and promised me this would all get resolved. My trust is in God. I will forgive and move forward. I pray blessings of peace for all involved.

Angie Neal said...

Same issues here. Would like to be included on future updates or lawsuits.

Casey Jones said...

As a Tate author I am wondering what will happen to my Amazon sales, if Tate can no longer supply my books. Does anyone have any idea what we should do to keep our sales, reviews, ads, etc.?

Unknown said...

I would love to know where we should go from here. Do we pay the $50 to get our files? Do we terminate our contract with them? Will we get back the money we spent to get our future books published? If we pay the $50 to get our files back - will we get the application files for our already published books, or just a pdf?

So many issues --- not sure what to do!

Unknown said...

I agree with Karen - I want to be part of a class action suit if there is one!

Victoria Strauss said...

Here are my thoughts on paying $50 to get your files. I stress that these are my personal thoughts, not legal advice or anything similar.

- It's immoral for Tate to demand more money after all the money it has already taken from you (for services and book orders) and all the money it owes to you (for royalties).

- Tate is closed. Its employees have been fired. We don't know who, if anyone, is still working there. Tate claims to have over 35,000 authors--if only a tenth of them request their digital files, that's a huge number of requests. Who is going to handle them all? What's the likelihood, if you send $50 to Tate, that it won't just vanish into a black hole?

- Assuming you get your files, will you be able to use them? If you go to a new publisher (rather than a self-publishing service), it will want to create its own files. If you choose to self-publish, will the Tate files fit the self-pub platform's requirements? Amazon's KDP program, for instance, has a list of file formats it will accept. Before I shelled out $50, I'd want to know what kind of files I'd be receiving.

- Assuming you get your files, will they be complete? If Tate created illustrations or text decorations or indexes for you, it may retain that copyrightable material.

Victoria Strauss said...

Casey Jones,

Your Amazon listing and reviews will remain--Amazon doesn't generally take those down, even when books go "out of print", especially if they are listed by Marketplace sellers. At some point, though, depending on what Tate does or doesn't do, your book will probably be marked "currently unavailable" or "available only through third-party sellers."

If you have your own copies on hand, you can sign up to sell them on consignment through Amazon Advantage.

Victoria Strauss said...

Carolyn Spelhaug,

I'd be very, very cautious of any unsolicited contacts about your book. When something like the Tate disaster happens, the vultures circle, and you may hear from pay-to-play publishers looking to cash in. I know that sounds paranoid, but I've seen it happen.

More specifically, a websearch on Brittany Moore and Nebula turns up nothing. An established, reputable magazine or publisher should have a footprint on the web. If you respond, be very careful, and feel free to contact me for advice or to assess any offer you receive: beware [at]

Casey Jones said...

Thanks Victoria Strauss, I agree with your comments and I was certain that the $50 would vanish and it is simply another venue for Tate to take advantage of this situation. I will check out the Amazon Advantage, thanks so much!

L. Lee Parmeter said...

After talking to an attorney in Oklahoma, I quickly found out that the tentacle of Richard Tate extend deep into the local area. getting something done for a small potato like me will be fruitless and a "class action" would take a minimum of 5 years. I will loose $1200 plus 150 books. I will get another publisher and be done with it.

My book was ready to be printed so I made some serious paying attempts to convert the PDF to Word. Impossible. Tate uses a type of PDF called Acrobat reader DC and is propitiatory to Tate. I have been doing a very slow page by page copy and paste finding out they have hidden tabs, margins, font and spacing. It takes about an hour to do one chapter that is presentable to my new publisher in Word 2010. Going through the copy and paste I find out I have 2 Chapter One's and several with no chapter numbers. After doing 5 chapters I found over 300 errors so the book wasn't worth printing any way. They use a Philippine font that is hard to change when you do a copy and paste. The bottom line is we are screwed anyway we turn. I don't have enough time left on earth left to wait to publish a book that is full of errors.I feel the errors were inserted when I was changed from the Cebu editing staff to the Cebu production staff. They would make changes in the PDF and not mark them so I had no what they were doing. Any good luck yo all. Lee

Anonymous said...

This is the most frustrating thing because the fact of the matter is we only have each other right now. If you want an update...if you want to stop panicking...if you simply want to know what others are thinking this is the website. What gets me is who the heck knows what to believe from Tate Publishing in terms of if they will be back on track in 2 weeks to handle authors request. After all my Tate author website is still up and running. Yet there are no more email replies to my inquiries.

By the way any images you made are yours. You paid for them. As is my audio files from the audiobook. I paid. There is no money back. No compensation for our lost. So since we "partnered with Tate Publishing," and "We own our work" that includes work for hire.

I had an idea, but I don't know if it will work. What if someone started a petition on the site. A petition for the Attorney General to stop them from opening up another business until the Tate family reimburses their authors? I don't want to start such a petition because I am a state employee and it would look bad. But I will absolutely sign it!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are Tate authors or were until the most recent problems have arisen. We were shocked, saddened, and angered by this betrayal. We have had two books published with Tate, another in production, and two more on which we are working. Needless to say, we will have to find other outlets for our work. We paid Tate $ 4,000 and did not get everything our contact said we would receive from them such as the audio book, the one million social media advertisements, etc.
We will complain to both the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office and the FBI. If there is a class-action suit to join, we will participate, but given the fact they are probably broke as a company, there will be nothing left to even pay us the royalties they owe us. Yes, we are angry, but it will not stop us from writing or publishing for it means to much to us. We will not sign the paperwork because it will mean signing away our rights and that we will never do. The first book, our non-fiction was copy-writed by us prior to going with Tate so we will take it from there.
Dr. Richard Tate was especially disappointing to us. He raved to us about our book. On the night we signed with Tate, he talked to us for more than an hour about what he wanted to do to promote it, all of the influential people in whose hands he would put it, and jokingly told us that if we didn’t sign with them, he would steal it. Well, it wasn’t a joke, he may not have stolen the book, but he did steal our money. Our email is adjmcsa at

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh L. Lee Parmeter what you are writing is awful. SERIOUSLY???? OMG!!!! OMG! OMG! Really? Thats what they want us to pay $50. Hahahahaha $50 to screw us again with a PDF that does not work. Wow! This is UNBELIEVABLE. People who are you going to now. Is there a publisher out there that is not as shady as Tate? I have been looking around at places like AuthorHouse Self Publishing and finding things like: 261 AUTHORHOUSE complaints and reviews @ Pissed Consumer. Or other places with bad reviews and A- BBB rating just like Tate had. I don't want anymore drama, does anyone know a good book and audiobook publisher?

Anonymous said...

Here is something else to think about. When Tate first began publishing books, their contract stated that you paid for publishing with a refundable retainer fee once the book sold a certain number of copies. They are now making that goal unattainable by not offering your book for sale. In addition, you paid for the work done on your book. You should not have to pay again to receive your files. Authors were promised when signing their agreements that if they cancelled their agreement, they would receive their print ready files.

Somewhere around 2012 or 2013, Tate Publishing changed their publishing contracts because it was getting harder to sell a publishing contract that authors paid for. So they changed their contracts to say that the publishing was free and you were now paying for a publicist. For any author whose book is still in production, you should receive a refund. You never received a publicist. You aren't going to receive a publicist because the publisher is closing down.

Tate Publishing is not coming back and they are closing down. They have only one employee left, their IT director, to handle the website and server duties. Don't sign anything and don't pay to get your files. Contact the Public Protection Unit at the Oklahoma Attorney General's office. They will work with you.

Unknown said...

Thank you Victoria, from here on out caution is my middle name. I appreciate your comments and guidance. I may be in touch soon as B.Moore has answered my email back. Interesting to say the least. I have filed my complaint with the Attorney Generals office. Right now not much else I can do.

Victoria Strauss said...

Anonymous who asked about AuthorHouse,

There are many self-publishing services, and while the packages they offer are broadly similar, they all provide a different mix of services and prices (from free to five figures).

I usually suggest that authors start by investigating the free or low-cost services with good reputations in the self-pub community: Createspace, IngramSpark, and Lulu if they want to do print as well as ebooks, and Smashwords, Draft2Digital, and the direct-to-ereading-device services (Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble's Nook Press, and Kobo's Kobo Writing Life) if they want to do an ebook only.

I generally advise authors to avoid the Author Solutions self-publishing services (iUnverse, Xlibris, Trafford, AuthorHouse, BookTango, and the self-pub services Author Solutions runs for major publishers, including Thomas Nelson's WestBow Press and Hay House's Balboa Press), since I've received many complaints about quality, price, and high-pressure sales tactics.

Some self-publishing services claim to specialize in particular genres (such as self-help) or markets (such as the Christian market). This really isn't meaningful Self-pub services do no targeted marketing (unless you buy it a la carte), and they all use the same distribution channels. Some to avoid: Christian Faith Publishing, Page Publishing, and Green Ivy Publishing, all of which charge a fortune for services you can get cheaper elsewhere.

For information to help you comparison shop, a rundown on the benefits and challenges of self-publishing, and links to helpful resources, see the Self-Publishing page of Writer Beware.

For audibooks, probably the biggest is Amazon's

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advice Victoria. I wish all authors on here good luck. My hope is that if the Tate are moving to a new company that will quickly be investigated!

Unknown said...

Adobe Acrobat DC isn’t special; it’s the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

Angela Hoy said...

BookLocker is offering refuge to Tate Publishing's authors for at little as $78 and books can be back on the market in as little as 2 weeks. Please see my article here:

Victoria Strauss's ongoing coverage of Tate Publishing has been AMAZING!!! I gave her a big shout-out in the article. :)

Anonymous said...

I requested a contract release from Tate several weeks ago but have heard nothing.

I contacted Oklahoma Attorney General's office several weeks ago and left their address on this site. I have now received a form to file a complaint and will do so. Encourage each of you to contact them and file a complaint.

My book is listed on Barnes and Noble and I have contacted them several times about the problem with Tate. Hate to think they may be paying Tate for any sales on the book since I will never see it. They are not helpful, maybe when I can get a contract release.

Anonymous said...

The coverage from Mrs. Strauss has been wonderful. I have not heard any news from Tate during this time and the only reason why I know what is happening is due to her reports.

Thank you, without your post I would not know what is happening.

Evelyn said...

Victoria, thank you so much for everything you've done to help all the authors that have suffered at Tate's hands! I published a book with them ("Pirate's Gold: Treasure to Die For")a few years ago and wanted to rework and republish it under a new name, not to mention do some real marketing to promote the novel. It took for ever to get a signed termination of contract, but finally in September 2016, I thought I was free of them! I went ahead and published a prequel in the series ("The Very Perilous Adventure") through CreateSpace (which I recommend), and started reworking and illustrating Pirate's Gold, only to discover that Tate did NOTHING to remove the book from distribution and it's for sale everywhere online! Multiple emails, phone calls--even a letter from my aunt who is an attorney--got us nowhere and I can't move forward with the reworked book! I also suspect that they weren't paying royalties as I haven't received a check from them in about 3 years.
Anyway, following your advice and my aunt's, I've filed a complaint with the OK AG. Hopefully, they'll be able to help us. I really feel for all my fellow authors burned by Tate and wish you the best of luck!
I recommend CreateSpace because you can either publish your book for free or, as I did, pay $349 for help with internal layout etc. There is an additional fee ($399, I believe) to have them do your cover. I found a very talented artist through Fiverr who illustrated the AMAZING cover on "The Very Perilous Adventure" for only $150. She also created some beautiful internal illustrations for me, again very reasonably. When I received my first proof I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the cover (my matte finish feels like velvet) and the richness of colors, as well as the internal layout. They also strictly adhered to timelines.
I hope this is helpful to those of you looking for other self-publishing routes. And as the saying goes: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." We'll surely be smarter and wiser for our misadventures with Tate!

Lv said...

Tate owns copyrights on cover, illustrations, and layout. How can we go to another publisher.

Unknown said...

RE: Angela Hoys' comments on Book Locker. Has anyone tried it? Is it a good alternative? Hate to "push that button" before being sure!

Evelyn said...

Also, please add me to your list in case of a class-action law suit. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I had good experiences with Tate up to this point. My book was done nicely, had a facebook page created, trailer done and website created. Yet I never received any money from my online sales and now will never receive it. I still have my original word manuscript and cover picture on my home computer. Can I resubmit to Westbow and have them print?

Victoria Strauss said...

Anonymous who asked about WestBow,

All the Tate contracts I've seen are non-exclusive. If that's the case for your contract (check under the Author Agreement section), you've always had the right to self-publish elsewhere and don't need to get a release from Tate.

I would caution you about WestBow, though. It's part of the Author Solutions conglomerate (Author Solutions runs it for Thomas Nelson/Zondervan), and I've received a lot of complaints about Author Solutions services, including quality issues, customer service problems, and hard-sell sales tactics (they relentlessly push authors to buy overpriced marketing services). Author Solutions too is

A better choice would be CreateSpace, or the Book Locker service Angela Hoy is offering. For self-publishing, there's no need to choose a service that identifies itself as Christian--they all use the same distribution channels, and don't provide targeted marketing (unless you pay extra).

Anonymous said...

I have 2 books published by Tate over the past 4 years. The first book, I received some royalties but no real marketing. I complained to Terry C. that when I pay for marketing I should have some kind of sales results not just selling me my books to do it all alone. Yes they made a couple of calls to set up about 3 signing dates. Nothing after that. My second book was through Tate and I signed up for "Publish for life" program. I did receive many copied of my 1st book for the money I paid. My second book was published in January of 2015 and I never received any royalties. How would I prove any books were ever purchased on line??? We can't! Please add me to the list of possible class action lawsuits.
Pastor Jim Hendrickson

Karen said...

Can we class action sue for the work that has been done.
Even if we can't get money, we can surely receive the work that has been done. We paid for it. They should be forced to release any copyright they have to the author of the book.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Victoria Strauss. I originally was going to go through create space and Take kept pressuring me to go with them. I will look at my contract.

Unknown said...

I filed a complaint with Attorney General in Oklahoma.
They have already called me back wanting details.
Hopefully they will take some action.
File your complaint!

Unknown said...

Way I hear it, everyone, that includes me, is itching for some payback. Tate's actions aren't just worthy of a civil suit, we are talking about deliberate actions taken by a company to deceive and conspire against their clients. We are talking about a company that broke contracts, stole pays and did all manner of fraudulent practices... that's not just civil, that's penal, that's a different ballgame all together.
I've been talking with a lawyer and they are rather certain that we have a case. For one, they could easily ask a judge to subpoena Tate's financial records and see wether or not they've been paying up royalties.
I'll update this forum with further updates and wether or not my lawyer is going to press a glass action suit. If the company is bankrupt, then let's hit Tate's other holdings; after all, they did profit from our contracts and books. If they build their house with out income, then let's target it and find ourselves a repo-man.

suegyama said...

This is helpful, Doreen. Thank you very much!

suegyama said...


I have two books with Tate and am grateful to see all of the comments and especially the hard work that Victoria Strauss has done to keep everyone informed. I received a "reminder" email from Tate this evening that had the release form again. Based on what I've read out here (thank you), I won't be signing.

Anonymous said...

Just joining the party. Spent over $ know the rest of the story, If anything happens, add me

Thanks all...Marc

David Hulings said...

I was published in 2009 with Tate and currently have over 500 e-book cards with download codes. I paid Tate for those codes. At the retail price of my book, that is a lot of revenue I should be able to benefit from. However, Tate has closed their web site which means not one of the codes can be accessed. They literally took money from my pocket. This has nothing to do with their publishing. These are codes I purchased and should still be allowed to be used. If Tate Publishing cared about their authors, as they boast on their current web page substitute, they would make every effort to support what we have purchased, not cover their own assets.

Eileen Loveman said...

I was published with Tate in 2005 and 2010, and was contracted for two more. It was supposed to be released Dec 19, 2016, but obviously did not. I've had great success with both books, and was looking forward to publishing with them again. I had a lengthy email conversation with Dr. Tate, the founder, in which he assured me the company was in good shape and that things were slow because they had sent work overseas (which I later realized was Cebu). I also spoke to Kortney Disney who assured me everything was fine. The fact they lied is bad enough, but to hide behind the moniker of being a Christian company is just sacrilegious. I realize now I won't get my money back, and will not sign any kind of release. The manuscripts are mine and I don't have to pay them a damn thing.

Unknown said...

just got this message sent to me about a lawyer willing to take the case and looking for authors to join:

Julie Kemp, another Tate author informed me that attorney Evan Talley 405.607.8608 is trying to get a class action for authors going. Please contact him today.

Unknown said...

Lee, I was able to convert my Tate Adobe file into Word using a Adobe Read/Writer software. We already had the software subscription it cost like $15 a month but we use it for other things . I had to make some minor format changes but for the most part it worked fine. Maybe you can try that.

Victoria Strauss said...

Here's Evan Talley's page on the website of his law firm, Dunlap Codding. It's an Oklahoma firm specializing in intellectual property. Mr. Talley looks highly qualified.

If you speak to him, please report back on what you hear. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Will a class action suit be wise move since they are already being sued for a lot of money? I'm really not trying to sound ignorant but what will this lawsuit do? I am absolutely willing to go into this with others what will be the benefit even if we win? Think it's too late to get any money back isn't it? They're going to probably go into bankruptcy. I don't know what the answers I'm just asking if anybody I thought through what the outcome might be? After all there are many of us are willing to do this.

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that people can think they are able to get away with this type of business, one thing for sure God is our judge. He will make all these wrong right.
An author that has learned a lesson.

Anonymous said...

We didn't do anything. We had a dream and we believed in our selves. There's nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with deciding to pay somebody to put your work out there so that your voice can be heard. However my biggest mistake was allowing Tate Publishing to pass me from one person to another to another and delaying my projects. Right then and there I should have contacted my credit card company and allowed them to get involved. It cost me a lot of money but I have learned a really valuable lesson. That lesson is keep asking any company you're buying something from, when your completion date....expected date of arrival...when, when, when? That is important for credit card companies. And never get into anything that's going to take a year after your pay date if you want credit card protection. This has been a hard mind blowing lesson I will never forget as long as I live.

Casey Jones said...

I received this e-mail from Amazon's Kindle and I wanted to share it.
Hi Casey,

I hope you are doing well!!
I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail message.

I understand your concern with regard to continue selling the books on as your publisher, 'Tate Publishing' is closing.

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Unknown said...

I was just re-reading my contract and their claims of ALWAYS returning phone calls, etc. is just ridiculous!

Also, It does state that we retain all rights to our work. Nowhere does it state that we do not have rights to illustrations. Can anyone clarify that?

George Hook said...

I just got off the phone with attorney Talley and am not encouraged. He tells me his law firm is moving away from any class action but still looking at "options." His best recommendation to me was go to Ok. Atty. Gen. as they have "the full extent of the law behind them." I am going forward with publishing in another medium and let Tate try and sue me. They are the ones who are in breach of contract. Good luck to all and God bless. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this.

Victoria Strauss said...

Dede Stockton,

I've looked at a lot of Tate contracts and supporting material, and I haven't seen anything that would answer your question either way. Cautiously--I'm not a lawyer--I'd say that since there's no prohibition on using Tate-created illustrations, and no copyright claim by Tate on illustrations, and if you signed no separate agreement with terms to the contrary, you should be able to use the illustrations when you re-publish. But I would suggest getting legal advice on this, just to be absolutely sure.

George Hook,

I'm sad but not surprised at what you heard from Mr. Talley. There's little incentive for a class action, since Tate likely has few resources at this point, and there are so many other lawsuits already. Class actions usually happen when the defendant has deep pockets.

Also--all the Tate contracts I've seen have been non-exclusive. If yours is too, you've always had the right to publish elsewhere, and never had to get rights reversion from Tate in order to do so.

Anonymous said...

VERY IMPORTANT: Authors need to watch your W9's and make sure what is reported is the actual amount you received. I am a former employee and know that when royalties were not paid in 2014, they were still reported on W-9's by Tate. This is because in Tate Publishing's system, the person in charge of accounting for all royalties did everything correct, even printed off the checks so in the accounting software it shows royalties as paid. At that point Ryan would pick them up and take them to a mail service for mailing at which point over 6,000 royalty checks would be lost in the mail. Other times, the checks would just sit in the Marketing Director's/ Vice President's office and eventually disappear. The people in accounting can confirm that none of those checks would be cashed and only the people who complained a lot or had attorneys send letters received a check. Just be careful and watch your tax documents and VERIFY everything you receive from Tate.

Margaret Keathley said...

I am also a Tate author. I signed with them in 2010--my first book was "The Color Story"--a Christian children's book. I liked Tate and had an attorney look at the contract. My first event went well and I signed with them for my second book "Star's Angel". They did a price match for that one. Then things went downhill. Staff changes, phone calls went unreturned, emails unanswered, etc. No royalties in months. When I did get a check, it was less than the postage even though books had sold and explanations did not make sense. Fortunately, my books are paperback and very small---I plan on taking on each and having Office Max scan them in on a flash drive for me since I own the copyright. I am not signing or paying them anything else. If you have loose paper copies or small books you can take apart, they can do that for a very small fee.

Unknown said...

Has anyone found a place to send the signed termination of our contract and received verification that you are no longer associated with tate? Thank you I can't find anything or where to send to finish my contract

Anonymous said...

Just saw this video from Tate Publishing. Wow, I don't believe none of it!

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