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January 17, 2007

A.C. Crispin - 71 - Update to Martha Ivery Case

Hi folks:

Just thought I'd remind everyone concerned that this morning I woke up in my nice snug bed in Maryland, and Victoria woke up in her nice snug bed in Massachusetts.

Inmate # 14062-052 woke up in her bunk in Danbury Federal Correctional Institution for Women.

Are you listening, Bobby, Cris, Barbara, and Leanne?

Nuff said.

-Ann C. Crispin
Chair, Writer Beware


Dave Kuzminski said...

I woke up in my nice snug bed in Virginia. :)

Jill Elaine Hughes said...

I woke up in my nice snug bed in Illinois happy that I know about Writer Beware.

Jill Elaine Hughes said...

Oh, BTW--


Jane said...

Snug bunnies never really sleep. Remember that.

They are energizer rabbits.

And the rest of us are recharging the batteries.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Perhaps you should change your name to Scammers Beware.

I'm in sunny Southern California, where we had snow in Malibu and hail in Fontana - and 5 minutes of rain here in Whittier.
When your ice starts melting, send some our way.

Adrienne said...

Nice. Very very nice.

(PS I woke up snug and cozy under my duvet on a very cold day outside - I love waking up like that.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Sleep? You mean people sleep? wow!

Alan Yee said...

I woke up in my nice snug bed in the wet, cold, slushy Seattle suburbs of Washington State.

And I just found out that dear old Martha is now behind bars. I hope some other unnamed persons follow her there in the future.

David said...

Ouch! That's almost cruel.

But not quite, and certainly not undeserved.

Shesawriter said...

ROFLOL! I almost had an accident with my coffee. Stop that!

Southern Writer said...

Way to go, Ann. Sweet dreams to you for giving scammers nightmares.

Isis McGowan said...

What? No Martha Stewart? lol

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