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February 6, 2006

And You Thought It Couldn't Get Stranger

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware

Serial liar, scam literary agent, amnesia faker, and alleged mother-squasher Lisa Hackney (who in yet another alias switcheroo, now appears to be calling herself Melanie Mills) embellishes her imaginary life in this interview in the Madison County Record. A few heart-wrenching quotes:

“I’d never had anything like this happen to me before,” Mills said. “This involved my Mom. I allowed my emotions to control my intelligence. I didn’t have any intelligence at the time. I allowed my emotions to rule my actions. I didn’t want to deal with the pain.”

Oh, man. I'm bawlin' here.

Mills said being on the run and hiding out, not being able to befriend many people, was a complete change from her normal personality.

Yeah. Running a literary agency scam, real estate rental scams, eBay auction scams, and writers' conference scams is really really different from embezzling, kiting bad checks, and jumping bail.

Mills would do some research on her father while she was hiding out in South Carolina before eventually ending up in Canada, discovering that her father had tried to bribe both the United States and Canada with secrets to Hitler, such as his plans to build flying saucers.

I knew aliens were involved somehow.

“My Mom was actually investigated for that,” Mills said [of her father]. “He had cancer for 10 years. He was on morphine and he was threatening to kill himself and threatening to kill her. I remember she was calling me begging me to contact the doctor to not let him get released. But he did. He wasn’t home 24 hours and he shot himself twice in the abdomen. So, they suspected her. They took them both to the hospital. She had a nervous breakdown. He came to long enough to say that he shot himself.”

How convenient!

Do I sound heartless? Here's why. The Saga of Lisa Hackney:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Anonymous said...

Funny article. I particularly enjoyed the phrase "the late German Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler."

Is part one available on the net anywhere?

Dave Kuzminski said...

Did she somehow meet up with James Frey somewhere? Maybe in one of those vomit encrusted holding cells? Now I suppose she'll believe she's entitled to a book deal.

Frank Baron said...

You can almost bet on that book Dave.

I hope Publish America gives her the chance she deserves.

Dave Kuzminski said...

If I'm not mistaken, she already has one with PA. After all, they were offering a dollar and I've never known her to pass up a buck.

Alphabeter said...

I'm officially going to write a synopsis about this for Miss Snark now that the aliens have entered. I guess this makes Chapter 14 of her life?

Of course because Chapter 11 is code for bankrupcy!

Does this mean Chapter 18 will find her making a "special" friend of a serial killer in prison?

Stay tuned...

James Goodman said...

I wonder if she will need an agent, since everyone knows she isn't one now. I hear agent F, is taking on anyone who is willing to pay the initial setup fee. Wouldn't that be a pair?

Alphabeter said...

If one scammer tries to scam another scammer, which one combusts first?

Anonymous said...

My god! I just read the entire saga - I have never heard anything so entertaining! Truth really is stranger than fiction.

Victoria Strauss said...

Michaelc asked about Part 1 of the article. There was a brief earlier article noting her arrest and the basic facts of the case--I think that's what they meant. This paper's issues don't seem to be archived, so there's no way to see it, unfortunately. I've been printing them out for posterity. I'll post again when Part 3 goes up.

Sal said...

Hi, Victoria.

I found Google's cached version of part 1.

Victoria Strauss said...

Thanks, Sal! (And don't you love the photo? For comparison, see here.)

Dave Kuzminski said...

Part 3 is up now!

MysteryKnitter said...

Truth *is* stranger than fiction, at least sometimes.

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